Top 8 softwares that have made video editing easier

Video editing has been a hot topic and mostly asked questions amongst the editors in recent times. There are currently plenty of softwares available on the internet and offline market for video editing and choosing from them can be difficult for some. So, let us help you choose one of the best softwares out there and gather all the information that you might need for video editing.

In this article we will discuss video editing software free for Windows PC and mac. Some of them also constitute the top 5 best free editing softwares for mac users that will make you feel like a professional movie maker without having too much knowledge about editing or taking a course for video editing as those can come with a hefty price tag. All you need is a  good internet connection and a PC/Mac and you are good to go.

Top 8 best free Video Editing Software


Today’s modern times require software that should have all the necessary tools and features within a user-friendly interface. One such tool is the Blender. It is an open source 3D computer graphics software toolset. The software is available on the market for Mac and also for Windows and Linux. It is the best video editing software for free and can be downloaded online. The software is mainly used for 3D designing, animated film making, visual effects, motion graphics etc.

Features : live preview, luma waveform, histogram displays, 32 slots for adding videos, speed control, filters, synching and Audio Mixing,fluid and smoke simulation, sculpting, animating etc.


Lightworks is a professional non-linear editing system software which is a free video editor available for Mac users and also for windows. It is loaded with tons of features and the interface is quite user friendly. The paid version is also available but the free version should be sufficient for most of the users; and most importantly you don’t even have to worry about spending a dime.

Features: Multicam support, high precision Video trimming, 720p export,multiple filters, content management, colour correction etc

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Known as one of the best video editing software for free for both beginners and professional editors, the software is well-liked by all. The interface is slightly different from other editing applications available but the features will amaze you with what this software can do. The paid version is also available but you can enjoy  a free trial of 30 days.

Features: Smart “Trackless” timeline, multicam editing, 360 degrees VR editing, Advanced colour grading, presets, New Metal engine etc

Adobe Premiere pro

It is a widely used editing software that will make your everyday task of cutting, trimming combining and mixing much easier. If you are into editing and want to make editing a career option then do check out this awesome software. It is available for both Mac Operating System and Windows platforms. The paid version of the application is also available but you can still enjoy a free trial period of 30 days and have fun exploring and can be downloaded online.

Features: Supports 360 degree and VR video, customizable interface, free updates, supports numerous file formats, filters etc.


Enjoy creating your own Hollywood style editing with this awesome software available for free to be downloaded for Mac in the App store. If you are new to editing, do not worry, as this software will make you learn the basics in a breeze. It had to be in our Top 5 best free video editing software for Mac users because of its ease-of-use, multiple options to explore, high quality video support etc.

Features: 4k video support, speed control, high-fidelity filters, split screen effects,  built-in sound effects and many more.

Davinci resolve

Whether you are into movie making or a vlogger on Youtube, a good video editing software is a must for all to show your creativity and skills. The software is free and has been used in many high budget movies and video productions. The software includes all the latest features that are available on the pro version and widely used by professional editors these days.It is available for both Mac Os and Windows.

Features: Traditional colour correction options, suitable for final finishing footage correction, collaborative options, facial recognition, post audio correction and many more.

Corel Video studio

The video editing software free is basically for beginners and offers a great understanding of how editing works if you are new to video editing. It is one of those editing softwares that are considered as some of the best in class and are easily accessible. It is available for Windows and can be downloaded online. Even though it is available for free, the software comes with tons of loaded features and options to play with.

Features: User friendly interface, 360 degree VR video support, 4K video support, music library, filters and effects, multicam cam support etc.

Filmora 9

One of the strongest  and best video editing software free out there now for video editors and vloggers. The software offers basic tools and smooth interface making it easy to follow through.  The software consists of tons of special effects and filters. Edit your videos with ease. Enhance your creativity skills with dozens of style effects. Import and export your videos in any format you want. Cut/ trim/ rotate/ add effects to your videos like never before so that you can easily transform your videos into a masterpiece. The tool is available online.

Features: Simple interface, pre built-in titles, inbuilt library of different sound effects, 4k support, etc.

The free version of this software are fully loaded with all the essential features needed and can be easily downloaded online. We all know not everyone can’t afford to buy the paid version as it can cost a fortune with monthly subscriptions and new updates. For beginners willing to learn about video editing it is always recommended to download a free one and learn all the basics first.






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