Top 7 Textsheet Alternatives in 2020

Textsheet was one of the top-rated and student’s all-time favorite educational websites on the internet. It used to be the go-to source for many students to take help in their studies with school, college projects, home-works, assignments, and more.

But unfortunately – the very devastating news – Textsheet is no longer available and couldn’t be accessed anymore. With this, what do you think does life going to hard? Well, we’d say not really!

As a replacement, here in this article, we have listed the best Textsheet Alternative that’s going to fill the void created by the disappearance of a great online study help website.

Textsheet is down? Here’s Why

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For unawares, if you are still pondering that what actually happened to Textsheet, it has been brought down due to copyright violations.

As you might know, Textsheet used to provide answers and solutions to academic problems through Chegg API; therefore, a DMCA takedown request has filled by Chegg’s employee. And in response to that, eventually, Textsheet has taken down with not a good ending!

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Top 7 Textsheet Alternatives 2019

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With these alternatives websites similar to Textsheet, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to do your homework. Upon contemplating various factors, we have come up with this list of the best substitutes for Textsheet. So without any further ado, let’s jump on it.

  1. Slader
  2. studylib
  3. Chegg
  4. Coursehero
  5. Paperhelp
  6. SparkNotes
  7. Crazyforstudy



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Over the years, Slader has become one of the popular platforms for college kids to get the textbook solutions and step by step explanations to all of their questions. Notably, it’s more prominent in the US and used by millions of students every month.

For quick access, you can also download the Slader app, which is currently available for both Android and iOS operating systems. Making use of the website is straightforwardly easy; all you have to do is simply run a search by either providing the textbook name or use the 13 digits ISBN to find the solution from a specific book. Once found, type in the page no and tap on Go. And voila! There you have the complete exercise with all possible answers.

Slader comprises a larger database including different subjects such as upper-level math, high school math, science, social sciences, literature and English, foreign languages, and more. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily filter books by name on numerous categories.

Slader is a free-to-use educational website, but it contains advertisements that may bother you. So to have an ads-free Slader experience, you’ll require to upgrade to a premium plan that would cost you $1.99/month.



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At first glance, you may find this website a bit hard to explore because it has got a lot of things that will take you some time to wrap your head around. Studylib has somewhat a different approach that emphasizes more on efficient learning strategies. It comes with a “Flashcard explorer” that contains categories like a foreign language, math, science, social science, engineering & technology, business, and many other popular subjects.

Studylib has the largest community-driven educational library from where you can read, print, and download millions of worksheets, labs, lesson plans, and other study material for free. You can explore trending documents from different categories and subjects and also upload your own. Creating personalized collections of flashcards by inserting images & audio and sharing them with friends is just fun with Studylib.

For having complete access to the documents and other services, you’ve to register an account that would be completely free. In addition to the features mentioned above, Studylib also offers a tool for grammar and spell checker that you can make use of for honing your skills.



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chegg - textsheet

Do you remember this name? Chegg is an American education technology company that has taken down Textsheet entirely from the internet through legal actions. Chegg is one of the great sources for students; alongside finding step by step textbook solutions, you can also prepare for competitive exams with experts available 24/7 for your help.

It also allows, renting or buying books and eTextbooks with a massive discount of up to 90%. Moreover, if you have any old textbooks that aren’t of your use anymore, you can even sell them on Chegg and earn some cash. Enter the ISBN of the book, and you will have the instant quote right on your screen.

On Chegg Tutors, students can look for online tutors at affordable rates for a wide array of subjects and topics. Before buying a plan, we would suggest that you take a 7-day trial to determine whether or not the money you’d be paying is worth it.

The services provided by Chegg are undoubtedly commendable and, most importantly, reliable, so if you aren’t tight on a budget, you should give it a try. It’s also available for Android and iOS so that you can download the app from the respective app store.

Course Hero


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coursehero- textsheet

Very true to its name, Course Hero is yet another alternative of Textsheet that gives access to 30 million course-specific study materials to students. Here you can find study resources such as guides, documents, videos, and class notes based on school, textbook, subject, or literature title. Isn’t it quite astonishing?

It covers every popular subject ranging from economics to literature, biology to history, accounting to psychology, and everything in between. So if you have an upcoming exam or viva, and you want to know where you stand from the preparation point of view, you can even practice problems for your preferred topic. Furthermore, it also provides 24/7 Homework Help, where you get personalized coaching from the subject experts.

Here you get two options to get started with Course Hero, you can either go for “Earn Free Access” for which you have to upload your study documents to gain free access to other study documents in the library. If you want “Instant Access” you’ll have to subscribe for the membership that will cost $9.95 per month.

Since the study materials on Course Hero, are primarily contributed by the community of students and educators, you can be sure to have quality resources under your fingertips. You will get the app on both Android and iOS.



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PaperHelp is not a similar website or application like Textsheet, but it’s a custom paper writing services provider. While in school or college, we waste a lot of time writing papers, so if you are on the same boat and thinking that doing this doesn’t worth your time, PaperHelp has got your back. Whether you are in high school, college, university, or even doing a Ph.D., there’s a solution for everything.

Using PaperHelp, you can avail of any essay services or other writing services. And for calculating the price for your order, you can enter the asked details, and you’ll have it instantly. The best thing – they do have a money-back guarantee, so if in case you don’t get satisfied with the quality or encounter any issue, you know what to do.

With 24/7 customer support, you can ring PaperHelp anytime if you have a query you are skeptical about. Lastly, for knowing detailed pricing on the different orders, you should visit their official page.



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SparkNotes is one of the best resources that provides the most helpful and insightful guides around English literature, history, math, biology, science, and other subjects.

Compare to the textbooks that sometimes don’t make any sense; these lessons notes contain thorough summaries that make the learning and understanding of the topic significantly easy for the students. Additionally, for the popular topics, you can test your retention by taking quick quizzes

Moreover, you can do test prep with SparkNotes as they provide books and online content for various competitive examinations, including SAT, ACT, AP Subject Tests, and GRE. Overall, SparkNotes as an online resource is more suitable for finding literature study guides and full text of all the plays of No Fear Shakespeare. You can download the SparkNotes app from Google Play Store or App Store.



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crazyforstudy textsheet alternative

Last but not least, CrazyForStudy is an online platform that’s specially designed for the provision of academic help. With having access to over 50 million books, it gives you step-wise textbook solutions to your questions. Apart from offering course-specific solution manuals, CFS also provides online assignment help on a variety of topics such as accounting, science/math, finance, engineering, computer science, and many more.

As this website is prevalent in Australia only, students residing there can even find the books prescribed and followed by their respective institutions by choosing up the college name. This way, it becomes dead easy to dig out the solutions manuals even for the rare-to-find textbooks. So if you are studying in Australia, look for none other than CrazyForStudy because it’s going to change your educational game for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Textsheet?

It used to be the best source for college projects, home-works, assignments, and more. It was favorite of most of the students.

  • Is Text sheet still down?

Chegg filled DMCA complain against it. Then tt has been taken due to copyright infringement. Now it isn’t accessible anymore.

  • Is there any alternative to Textsheet

There are many alternatives such as Slader, Studylib, Chegg, Coursehero, Paperhelp, SparkNotes, and Crazyforstudy.

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Final Verdict

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So it’s time to conclude this article, and that was our seven best Textsheet alternatives. Don’t forget to let us know which one you like the most.





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