Top 5 Textsheet Alternatives in 2019

Textsheet alternatives – Hey, I got something very interesting for students. As you know, Textsheet was one of the best sources to get solution for assignment and homework. Now It has been taken down due to copyright infringement.

Chegg (which is an alternative to filled DMCA against Textsheet for reproducing its content. But still, if you are looking alternatives to Textsheet, Here I have a few sites which can be used to get answers for your questions and other study material.

Best Textsheet Alternatives

Here are my top picks which you can use as Alternatives to Textsheet to find out textbooks and other study kinds of stuff. And you can use these without paying any single penny. Most of these sites could provide you Chegg answers for free so do not forget to visit all the textsheet alternatives.

Here are the 5 Best Textsheet Alternative Sites

  • Slader
  • StudyLib
  • CourseHero
  • PaperHelp
  • CreazyforStudy




Slader is much popular among US Students. They use Slader as an alternative to to access millions of answers and solution for various subjects with complete explanations.

It is improving the quality of content to help students in a perfect way. Slader is one of the best sites which helps you to get your Homework and assignments done. It covers solution for every age students from middle school to grad school.

There is little advertisement you can see it. If you hate ads, you can buy a subscription at only $1.99 to remove ads.



As the name suggests Studylib (Study Library), it offers a solution for different-different subjects. You can call it a library which provides textbooks, answers with explanation.

On the homepage, you can find out the trending documents for which many students are searching. It covers Maths, Science, Social Science, Business, Engineering & Technology, Arts & Humanities, History and Miscellaneous. You can easily download any document for free.

If you have something which can be worth for student, you can upload that too. They have the option to print documents directly from the page. Nonetheless, It is also the best option as Go and browse the documents.

Course Hero


Course Hero is an ultimate source and also one of the best Textsheet alternatives for studying and download study material. It claims that it has more than 25 Millions of course-specific study material.

It is a well-organized site to find out course and documents with ease. Students can find study resource by their school name, Subject or by Books. You can join Course Hero as a student or tutor. Even you can also make money by uploading and referring it to your friends.

You can use filters to filter the documents by Course, Question & Explanations, Study Documents. In my opinion Course hero overall is a good source to find answers and solution with complete explanations.

To download documents, you have to register yourself there. So before downloading any document or book, make sure you have logged in.


As the name of the site speaks itself, PaperHelp is the best site for either you want to study or write research papers. Paperhelp offers almost all type of research papers. It could the best choice for those who are looking for research papers or want to write their own. If you want to write your research paper no matter you are in High School or doing Ph.D., It is very useful for writing research papers. This website offers a variety of research papers too if you don’t want to write your own.

Paperhelp also respects your Privacy and detail you submit on it, will be confidential and will not be disclosed to others. Even none will know which research paper you buy from it. Ordered Research Papers also get delivered at your doorsteps very soon.  I would say it could be the best alternative to Textsheet


Crazyforstudy is another great alternative to textsheet. Site is mainly focused on Highschool and college students. Crazyforstudy is the best site for making class assignments and Homework. It provides textbook solutions and completed assignments. It has solutions for over 50 Millions of Textbooks.

As a result, you will be saving your lot of time while doing homework and class assignments. If you want to learn any new subject It also offers online classes. For an online class, you have to pay. It is totally worth to buy subscription and learn at home.

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FAQs about Textsheet

  • What is Textsheet?

Text sheet was used to be the best website for the students. It was used to find answers to their questions related to the Study. It also helped students completing their homework and school assignments. Later It had been taken down due to copyright infringement.

  • Is Textsheet still down?

It never came back after DMCA takedown request by Chegg. You can try the above alternatives that can help in completing assignment and homework as well.

  • Are there any alternatives to Textsheet?

There are many alternatives such as Slader, StudyLib, CourseHero, PaperHelp, and CreazyforStudy.

  • Do these Textsheet Alternatives provide Chegg answers for free?

Yes, You can find Chegg Answers and most out of these alternatives. All the site provide Assignment and Homework solutions.


So these were my top picks as Textsheet alternatives. I have personally visited each site and checked every detail then I mentioned in this post. Slader and Course Hero are amazing alternatives to textsheet. I just shared 3 Top websites which will be enough for you.

If you know more such sites which you are using, do let others know in the comment box. I will also add more sites in the list soon.

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