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Hello guys, You would have played many games like FPS, Arcade, Action and car racing games but Tank Trouble Unblocked is game of another level.

As you know we all love to watch movies, play games in our free time or when We feel bored. Playing game is one of the best way to kill your boredom with excitement. Defeating your enemies feels like you are a real warrior on the earth. doesn’t it?

In this post we have game called Tank Trouble Unblocked which is also full of excitement. Keep reading this post, I will tell you how to play it online your mobile or desktop.

What is Tank Trouble Unlocked?

Tank trouble is Tank Shooting game. If you love shooting game then It is very good game to have fun without getting bored.

You have to defeat your opponent Tank by your Tank. Avoid the coming bullets from enemy. If a bullet hits you, you get knocked out. All you have to shoot your enemy before he shoot you. Once you shoot your enemy, you win.

Right Aim and Strategy can make you win this game. So be quick and smart to move to your tank quickly and fire up your enemy. There are also many weapons available to shoot your enemy quickly.

I am sure you never gonna bored with. Real fun is when you play it with your friends.

How to Play Tank Trouble Unblocked?

It is very simple or can be hard if you are playing it first time. Destroy the other tanks on the battle ground, last one stand wins. It is like battle royal. It is a multiplayer game. You can play with up to 2 more friends on same computer and Keyboard.

You need to allow permission to adobe flash player in browser in order to play tank trouble 4. here is how to do that-

  • Scroll this page above and click on “Click to enable flash player“.
  • Now a pop will appear on left top side and ask to run flash.

tank trouble

  • Click on “Allow”
  • Page will refreshed and you can play the game.

The game has 3 modes. 1 Player, 2 Players, 3 Players

Up to 3 Players can play this game at a time. I will define these modes below

Tank trouble 1 Player (Play with Laika)



In this mode you and one character called Laika will be there. You have to avoid Laika’s bullets. If any of its bullets hits you, you get defeated. All you have to be clever while playing this game. Move your tank using UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT buttons.

Note: Avoid any kind of bullets coming to you, otherwise you get shot and loose the game. Even your bullets can hit you, if you don’t play it carefully.

Tank trouble 2 Player ( Play with Friend)

You can challenge your best friend to defeat you. You can play it with one of your friend. There will be two tanks in this mode. One is yours and other one is of your friend. Both Player can use button (as seen in the picture) to play the game.





Tank trouble 3 Players (With friends)


In this mode you can play along with 2 more friends of you. In this mode one of you can use mouse to play and control your tank. And other two tanks can be controlled as same as in 2 Player mode. Q for Fire and W,S,A,D for moving. and Other one is with Arrow Keys and Fire with M. 

Features of this Tank Trouble Unblocked

  • 3 Modes- 1 Player, 2 Player, 3 Player.
  • Can be played against computer or along with friends.
  • Shooting and Right Strategy makes you win.
  • Responsive and Fast
  • Smooth controls,
  • 3 players can play (at a time) in same computer with single keyboard and mouse
  • Different Maps for Every New Game.
  • Multiple Weapons to have real fun.
  • collect powerful weapons to shoot fast

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Wrapping up

Now tell me how was the game play. Real fun? Well you might have enjoyed the Tank Trouble Unblocked. I have also given some tips to understand how can you play. Well you should also try if you haven’t done yet.

If you are facing any trouble while playing it, let me know in the comment section. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.






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