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Do you love watching football online? As a football lover, you will also be paying for a TV subscription to watch football matches. If you are one who doesn’t even pay for a TV subscription then probably you know what is r/soccerstreams. Anyways, this post is going to be helpful for those who are paying for TV Subscriptions to watch soccer on TV or the Internet. Keep in mind, This post is for only soccer lovers.

Well, I am here to help to save your bucks which you are paying for a TV subscription. Yes, you heard right. Now you don’t need to pay or buy a subscription to stream soccer online.

Here I have some subreddit available on Reddit where you can grab high quality working soccer streaming links.

Some best r/soccerstreams alternatives are- 

  • r/soccer
  • r/chelseafc
  • r/fantasyfootball
  • r/MCFC
  • r/FIFA
  • r/LiverpoolFC
  • r/USoccer
  • r/SoccerstreamsRedd

What is Reddit r/soccerstreams

This could be painful news for all the football lovers who used to watch football online for free. r/soccerstreams was subreddit with almost 500,000 which had been taken offline after copyright infringement from Premium League team. It was the most trusted subreddit for sharing HD working streams. It was taken down for sharing link illegally. Even r/nbastreams was banned by Reddit due to this reason. They have also banned such many communities for sharing illegal streaming links.

This subreddit gained much popularity in the Fifa Worldcup 2018. During this world cup event, around 100k people used to visit it for soccer streams links. Most of these link works on P2P technology as same as a torrent website does. The best thing about these streaming links is, that people could have watched in High Quality and without buffering.

How to Watch Soccer/NBA Online [Video]

Here is video watch or stream soccer online on your smartphone, PC or laptop. Watch and try yourself and also let me know in the comment box.

Best Reddit soccer streams alternatives


Reddit is very strict now. They are removing all those subreddit which share pirated/illegal links to football matches. I couldn’t find any single subreddit which is sharing streaming links of football matches.  

Do not worry guys, I have found some best alternatives from where you can grab the football matches updates. However, these subreddits could also share an illegal link due to which it may get copyright issues and delete by moderators.

All these subreddits provide you with the latest updates, schedule to soccer/football matches. So before these subreddits get caught by moderators, do subscribe and enjoy free football matches.

  • #1- r/soccer

It is the most popular subreddit which has more than 1.5 million active subscriber/members. You can get the latest updates about all the league matches, News, and much more. Before subscribing this subreddit, make sure to read all the rules. Violating rules may kick you out from the community.

You can see match schedules, league roundups, watch highlights, read the news. You can also discuss the matches. I am saying again, before discussing anything, make sure to read rules first.

  • #2- r/chelseafc

Chelsea football club (known as chelseafc) is a subreddit and forum dedicated to Chelsea football club. It is another subreddit where you can get the latest updates, news, match schedules. It has more than 130k active members.

It is full of entertainment subreddit where people also share funnies memes about football matches. People also discuss football matches. As always, before joining any subreddit, I urge you to follow the rules otherwise moderators may kick you soon.

  • #3 r/USoccer

Subreddit r/usoccer is yet another best subreddit like r/Soccerstreams which will keep you updated to all type football matches and scores. You can join it by clicking this link.

Best Soccer Streaming Sites (Paid)

  • First Row Sport
  • Feed2All
  • Stream2Watch
  • FromHOT
  • Ronaldo7
  • CricHD
  • KiveTV
  • Live Soccer TV

Discord Server for Live Football Streaming Links

However, It doesn’t end here, there are many ways to stream football online. Here I am going to share few discord servers where people can join and find streaming links to the desired matches. These servers could also be best alternatives to r/soccerstreams subreddit and there is no one to ban these discord server for sharing football match streaming links.

If you don’t know about discord app, then let me tell you a little about it. It is an app specially made for gamers. People can join the discord server to discuss, share, do voice and text chat. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows as well.

Click to Join Discord Server

Those above subreddits were for only to get updates of live football matches. On this discord server, You can get live links of matches before it starts. You can discuss things about the match and chat with members.

Purpose of this post is not to support piracy in any way. I just shared the information for education purpose. It is illegal to stream paid content using unethical ways.

Also, read:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why has reddit soccer streams been shutdown?

Yep, It has been taken down due to legal copyright issues. Few other legal streaming sites took action against it and as a result, it has been shutdown.

  • Was r/soccerstreams legal?

It was not legal. People were sharing direct streaming links. Due to this other legit streaming service took legal actions against it.

  • Are alternatives to reddit soccer streams legal?

Yep, I shared few subreddits which are completely legal and owned by there respected moderators.

  • Where can I stream soccer online?

There are plenty of sites (reddit soccerstreams alternatives)and apps available. I will suggest an android app called THOP TV is one of the best App for streaming sports online. You don’t need to pay even a single penny. Just search over google and download it on your android phone and enjoy unlimited soccer streaming online.


Hope this post will be helpful. If you know more such subreddit and have already subscribed, let others know in the comment section. That may help others too. I would be adding more such r/soccerstreams alternatives and discord server to find streaming links.

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