Reddit NBA Streams Banned? Try These Best r/nbastreams Alternatives

Reddit NBA Streams: Reddit is a social platform, a network of multiple communities formed on the basis of interests and likings. Typically, it’s a platform where users will get to discuss things and can up-vote the content shared by other users.  These small communities which are present on Reddit, are called as Subreddit. Interesting thing is that you will find subreddits for basically anything such as Sports, Anime, Tech, Gaming, Blogging, etc. It’s a great platform where you get to interact with people and share knowledge with the community.

Previously we discussed Reddit Soccer Streams, In Today’s article, we’ll be discussing r/nbastreams which was taken down by Reddit for various reasons. If you’re a die-hard fan of the NBA, then you might have been on the platform where users share their opinions and discuss a lot of things related to Reddit NBA Streams. So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump into the topic straight away.

What is Reddit NBAStream?

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As mentioned earlier, it used to be a community of NBA sports fans, Users from all over the world were a part of it. As you know, it’s not feasible and fairly expensive to watch all the NBA matches legally without any cuts. You would still have a few cuts here and there, even after paying hefty charges for streaming the NBA matches legally. Therefore, users were forced to find alternative methods to avoid hefty charges.

The Reddit NBA Streams, where a lot of users had started sharing full streaming links of all the NBA matches. Every day, millions of users from all around the globe used to visit the NBA streams in order to find links which allowed them to watch NBA matches for free of cost. The Reddit NBA Streams had more than 400,00 subscribers from various countries.

Day by day, the number of people subscribing to the Reddit NBA were also increasing at a tremendous which drew the attention of officials. Initially, the community was used only for discussing and sharing things related to NBA sport. However, with the hefty charges that the user had to bear, it was inevitable that something like this would happen.

Why Was Reddit NBA Streams Banned?

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In the month of June (20149), the Reddit NBAstreams was officially shut down by Reddit. After the incident, a lot of users started bombarding the site, asking for the reason behind the ban. In reply to the users’ request, it was revealed that NBA stream Reddit was banned under the policy of Copyright infringement. Even after multiple requests from millions of users, Reddit didn’t lift the ban the Subreddit is still down to this date.

The main reason behind the permanent ban of Reddit NBA streams was that everyone had started using the free live streaming links to watch full NBA matches, the companies who have bought the rights to broadcast matches were noticing a steep decline in their revenue and viewership count. It had become almost impossible for the companies to track the streaming links. Therefore, Reddit had decided to ban the entire NBA subreddit, rather than removing the streaming links.

Technically, it’s not ethical to watch NBA matches by using such methods. It’s basically illegal to watch NBA matches from third-party media streaming websites. However, there wasn’t any other way around to get past the hefty subscriptions charged by the corporates from users in order to stream NBA matches. It would have made sense if the companies had priced their subscription reasonably.

What’s Next? – r/nbaStreams

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Well, it looks very unlikely the Reddit would undo the ban and bring the NBA Reddit streams to life. As you have already noticed, there is literally no way you can access the NBA subreddit through Google or Reddit. Therefore, it’s better to give up the hope of NBAStreams coming back.

However, it’s very much possible that the people who were behind the r/nbastream would soon come up another place for users to live stream the NBA matches for free. As of now, there’s no sign of it, but there is an alternate way to watch NBA matches live without having to pay charges or fees.

Alternatives To Reddit NBA Streams

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Many of you might have begun your search for a reliable alternative option to watch NBA matches live without incurring any charges. Well, there aren’t many options available on the web, however, there’s one site which is very reliable and works most of the time.> Live Stream NBA

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This is probably the only reliable site where you don’t need any kind of subscription or Registration in order to watch your favorite Sport. It covers almost all major sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Golf, etc. You can watch any sport from the available list for free without any restrictions.

In fact, you could start watching your desired sport right after you land on the site. There’s absolutely no charges or payment involved anywhere on the site. Although, there are a few adverts here and there on the site which is required for the sustenance of the website.

The quality of the stream on the website can be changed at any point during the stream. By default, the website streams NBA and other sports at the highest available quality i.e 1080p, but you can tune it down up to 360p if you don’t have good internet connectivity. Apart from that, the website is accessible to basically everyone for free, you can watch your favorite Sport live from anywhere and at any time.

Free Discord Channel For Sports

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Since the NBA stream Reddit started gaining massive attention, the team behind the community predicted that it won’t be long before Reddit would come up with a decision to ban the subreddit. So, before the actual ban happened, the team had created a channel of Discord application, to move the community after the ban comes into action.

If you don’t know, Discord is an instant messaging platform available for both PC and Android, in the form of an application. It’s basically used by Gamers for the most part, but you can use it for other purposes as well. You simply need to create an account on Discord and join the channel to watch the live streams.

Process:- In the discord channel, you will find the instructions on how to watch access the Live NBA streams. No direct links will be shared since it’s risky. Upon joining the Discord channel, you will find multiple sub-channels of Voice and Text for different sports lovers.

Link to join the Discord channel link:Click here

The sub-channels are public, you will be able to interact with others through text or voice for free. The channels will be opened 30 minutes prior to the match and will remain open up to 30 minutes after the match has been finished. Make sure to join the channel of the respective channel to catch up.

Final Words

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In short, r/nbastreams channel which was loved by millions of sports fans from all around the world is no longer available on Reddit. So, if you would like to stay updated with your favorite sport, then go ahead with the alternative methods mentioned in this article. Let us know in the comments if you have any doubts.






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