10 Best Pokevision Alternatives in 2021

Pokevision is shutdown so people started searching Pokevision alternatives. We have compiled a list best alternatives you can check.

If you love to play trending games then I am sure you would have played Pokemon Go. This was a game for iOS and Android users which insanely gained popularity and millions of downloads within 24 hours of launch.

In this game we all had to find Spawned Pokemon’s real time location. To locate we used to walk here and there. As a Pokemon Go enthusiasts, You would have used Pokevision. Pokevision was pokemon tracker website which used to help us to grab location of all pokemons near your location and display map in real time. Let me tell you that Pokevision is not any feature of this game. It is prepared to help in gameplay. Now Pokevision is not working anymore.

If you still love to play Pokemon Go and want to locate pokemon’s real time location without leaving the place where you are, Then here I am going to share best Pokevision Alternatives. These alternatives are in form of website and app as well which will help you locating pokemons near you and display them on map.

Best Pokevision Alternatives

Locating the Pokemons had never been easy. Now you don’t have to go out and search them. You can easily locate pokemon with these alternatives to locator/tracker.

Here are top alternatives to Pokevision to help you out locating the real time position of Spawned Pokemon near you. As soon as you track it, go and catch it. Check out these awesome alternatives.



Pokeradar is one of best alternative to pokevision. It is available for both Android and iOS. Their Website may not work so you have to try their app.

It is a very helpful in locating Pokemons. It is most preferred and very user friendly tracker. It could be best choice right after pokevision. It comes with instructions to help you out. Don’t worry about your player information. It is completely safe and doesn’t share any of the players information outside.

Tools For Pokemon Go

go tools for pokevmon

It is one of the best pokevision alternatives out there. It has unique interface with awesome layout. App is available for both Android and iOS.

This toolkit helps in becoming the best trainer. It offers many great features. With its Evolve Estimation calculator, you can get a quick estimate of the strength of a Pokemon after you evolve it.

Using Egg guide feature you can find out which pokemon hatch from which egg type and see what CP should hatch with to have a 100% perfect IV.

Dex is another cool feature of this Pokevision alternative. It contains all the information about the pokemon in the game you could be interested in. Find out Maximum CP, Types of attacks and DPS of these attacks, etc. There are many other feature out there in the app. You can download and try it out.

Pokemon Map

pokevision alternatives

Pokemon MAP is another best Pokemon Tracker to find out hidden Pokemon. It provides you real time location of pokemon. Using this website may lack of few features than Pokevision but it could be best option if you are looking for an alternative to Pokevision.

Using it, is very easy. Simple user interface makes it more comfortable. Like other Pokemon tracker it is also not affiliated to official Pokemon Go in any way. You can easily find usual pokemon but it can be difficult finding rare ones.

The best thing I like about Pokemon Map, is you don’t need to go through sign up process. Just Enter you location and you are good to go.

Go Tracking (for Android)

pokemon alternative

GO tracking is a pokemon tracker exclusively made for Android users only. It is available for free to download. It is very user friendly tracker which helps you finding the spawned pokemon on the map.

You don’t have to input or share credentials with them, You can use it without sharing anything. All you need to open your location like other apps. Tha’s it.

It is most preferred tracker apps for finding rare pokemon. It comes with inbuilt notification feature. Means you will get notified if there is any pokemon near you. It also helps you in finding stuffs like Gyms, Pokestops and Major stops for Pokemon.



Pokefinder is web application for finding Pokemon. It gives almost accurate results than any other app. It is quite easy to use app and similar to other Pokemon trackers. Just enter the location it will start searching for you.

They have their iOS. Android app is not available right now. May be they launch their app sooner or later. Android user access the webpage. Sometimes too many sighting can confuse you. So stay focused on only pokemon you want. You are allowed to report any sighting but to do that, you require to sign up first.

I would recommend you to try this site if you want accurate site in terms of tracking.

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The Verdicts

I told you about all Pokevision alternatives working right now. Each Pokemon tracker has its own properties. So before trying any, make sure you read post carefully. These are totally free Apps or website which may serve few ads but they won’t be annoying.

Currently I have added only 5 Pokevision alternatives. I know many other also, Once I confirm that they are working fine, I will add 5 more here.

If you find any of the Pokevision alternatives is not working, let me know in comment box, I will try to add working one.

Thanks for being here.

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