How to use Cheats on PCSX2 – PCSX2 Cheats

It’s true that cheat codes  (PCSX2 Cheats) can significantly outweigh the benefits in a game, but enabling those codes has always been a bit tricky that it’s now quite obvious to hit a snag while looking for a working method.

Today our main theme is PCSX2 – the Playstation 2 emulator – so if you are having a hard time getting your codes working on it, below is the detailed guide on how you can properly set up codes and avoid the mistakes that could hinder their functioning.

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How to use cheats on pcsx2 – PCSX2 Cheats

In order to make the process quite understandable and less complicated, we’ve divided it into 2 parts so that you can easily follow through without any hassle. So without any further ado, let straight get into the method.

Converting the codes – PCSX2 Cheats

Since you can’t directly make use of the codes, you might found them online on some forums or websites; you will be required to convert the codes in the RAW format to make them useable. For doing that, download OmniConvert and extract the .exe file using WinRar and run it.

Now paste your cheats on the left side, and then navigate to Input and choose your cheat type and version. Below is the list of the compatible cheat codes for OmniConvert.

  • Action Replay MAX
  • Action Replay Version 1
  • Action Replay Version 2
  • CodeBreaker Version 1 and Up
  • CodeBreaker Version 7 and Up
  • Gameshark Version 1
  • Gameshark Version 2
  • Gameshark Version 3 and Up
  • Xploder Version 1 and Up
  • Xploder Version 4 and Up

Next, tap “Output” on the menu bar and choose the type as Unencrypted > Standard. After that, hit “Convert” at the lower left of the window and copy the converted RAW/Unencrypted codes to your clipboard. Once done, close OmniConvert and download another tool called PCSX2CE from here.

Open it, and click on “Open Cheat File” to open your pnach. Oh, but wait, you don’t have a pnach file for your game yet, right? For that, firstly, you will have to create one by following the section 2 given below. Once created, get back right here.

Back? Awesome! So to continue, paste your codes on the left-hand side, click on “Convert,” and then “Save.” That’s all.

How to make a pnach – PCSX2 Cheats

To make a pnach, the very thing that you’ll be needed to do is, figure out the CRC code of the game you are trying to use cheat codes on. For that, launch the game and on the PCSX2 Toolbar tap on  “Misc” and then “Show Console.” Now scroll down until you find CRC #

Once you got that, note down the number (excluding 0x) somewhere, or keep the console window open. Next, you have to locate the PCSX2 Directory on your computer that should be available on Program Files.

  • Head over to This PC >> Local Disk (C:) >> Program Files (x86) and look for PCSX2 folder and open it
  • Now right-click on the empty space anywhere inside the folder and select “New” then “Text Document” and hit Enter.
  • Next, you need to check if the file extension (.txt) is visible or not. If it’s not showing, you can enable it by going over the upper right corner of the screen and select “View” from the options and tick the “File name extensions” box.

For older versions of Windows, navigate to Control Panel >> Appearance and Personalization >> Folder Options and uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types.”

Now right-click on the file (New Text Document.txt) you just made, select “Rename” and paste the CRC number of the game with .pnach extension as a suffix and hit Enter. Voila! You have finally done making a pnach file for your game.

Video Tutorial

And that’s pretty much all for this guide.

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