Top 5 Best Alternatives (2020)

Almost 10 years ago, was one of the best free ebook downloading site. Later it got banned by court due to copyright issues. There were few more sites such as and as alternatives which were also got banned due to copyright infringement.

After getting these sites banned, Ebook lovers started searching alternatives to, and If you love spending time on reading ebooks, or looking for alternatives to, then you are at right spot. Here I am going to share some free sites to download ebooks.


If you don’t know about this awesome website then let me tell you more about this. was known as later it was known as from 2007 to 2010. It was banned by court back in 2012. It had more than 400,000 ebooks which were available to download for free. You can read more on wikipedia about this.

Best alternatives

Few of the websites I am going to share here, are new but fulfill your ebook need. Now you don’t need to go to any book workshop while you can get your desired ebook from sites Here is the compiled list of top websites to download the Ebooks for free-

Free Science


FreeScience is best alternative site to on which you can browse  and download more than 2000 academic science books. FreeScience is not only limited to science ebooks, you can download Mathematics, Economics, Computer, Engineering books as well. Site is completely legit and provides latest books for academic purpose.

Free Computer


Free Computer is one of the best alternatives. None of the sites offers a variety of computer books as this site does. If you are computer student and searching for more awesome computer books, then you must bookmark this website. This website has books starting from computer basics to high level study. If you want to learn a program, or want to be coding geek, then it has large number of software and programming language books such as : C / C++ | C#.NET | PHP MySQL | Java | Java Script | jQuery | HTML | xHTML | HTML5 | VB Script | CSS.


You can download ebook legally from this website. It covers almost each category. it claims that it has more than 10945 free e-books in 709 categories which most of the free even paid ebook sites lack of. This could be good and free resource to download ebooks for book lovers.



Booksee is one of the best alternative. You can directly download books without any cost. Even you don’t need to sign up. It claims to have 2,431,050 books on its database which insanely huge. You can directly use the search box to search your favorite book and download on your device.



It is another search and download ebook downloading site which provides you ebooks in different categories such as Technology, Science, Business, Computer, Sport, Religion and lot more. Sites looks simple yet powerful download your desired ebook easily. Just type the book name you want, it will search one for you. The Best thing about it, you won’t see any ads while other sites may full of ads. Bookmark this site as it could be best alternatives to

As these were top list of alternatives, I will add more if above sites doesn’t work for you or you are unable to find the book you are looking for.

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I have tested these sites before listing them here. All the above alternatives are working like a charm and I didn’t face any issue in downloading the book. If you don’t get the ebook you are looking for, move to other site. All the site have categories, and search option to make your desired book easily.

I will soon add more sites to the list.







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