How you can Buy Samsung Flagships on EMI

Are you a lover of the Samsung brand? Or maybe you want quality products for yourself. Then, you would agree with me when I say it takes a sound financial plan to opt for the best Samsung products. Nonetheless, you are sure to get value for your money.

Samsung produces a wide array of products that differ in style, quality, and price. These products are generally categorized into models to indicate the prototype, after which a product is modeled. This is most applicable to Samsung mobile phones – the products for which they are best known.

The flagship Samsung smartphone model is the Samsung Galaxy S series. Several premium products have been dished out under this series over the years. The most advanced is the Samsung S10 series released in 2019. Getting any of the latest Samsung S series smartphone models requires financial wisdom.

If you have always desired to use a Samsung S smartphone, but you have not been able to pull together the funds to buy it. Then, the EMI payment method is meant for you. You can buy a Samsung mobile on EMI on the debit card without having cash in hand.

What is EMI?

EMI standing for Equated Monthly Installments is a payment option designed for the middle and low-class citizens to help ease through seemingly extravagant spendings.

An EMI plan is better than other credit facilities in the sense that its use is streamlined towards particular things, and the repayment plan is easy as well as convenient.

ZestMoney is arguably the fastest-growing and the most comprehensive platform that avails EMI plans to online users across India. The design of this tool is relatively accessible, easy-to-use, and vast in the extent of its reach.

Top e-commerce sites that sell products and offer various services have successfully partnered with ZestMoney. Therefore, ZestMoney EMI is not only limited to buy Samsung mobile on EMI on debit card but extends to other products and services that can be paid for online.

To use ZestMoney EMI, you need to have open an account first. All you need to do is log on to the ZestMoney page and register with your mobile number. Verify your name and proceed to fill appropriate information. Complete the KYC form and validate your account in minutes.

Next up, you determine your credit limit, which is evaluated from your fiscal stance as valued from the information you provide. Your credit limit should guide you on how much you can spend and which EMI plan can best serve you.

samsung flagship

How you can Buy Samsung Flagships on EMI

For this write-up, I will be focusing on how to purchase a flagship Samsung mobile on EMI on debit card. This is one of the smartest ways to buy an expensive smartphone, such as models in the Samsung Galaxy S series.

The best Samsung models around are priced at nothing less than ₹6,000, and this is above the minimum amount required to get an EMI deal, which is ₹3,000. This means you can get any of the flagship Samsung mobile on EMI on debit card.

Having set up your credit limit on ZestMoney, then you have to log-on to your merchant site of choice. There are a lot of options available on ZestMoney, including Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, QuikrBazaar, Sangeetha, Hellomitr, and Croma.

Go through the deals available on each of the merchant sites. From there, you get the one with the best deal for the model of your choice. When you are done selecting the best deal, you then proceed to checkout. You can confirm the availability of EMI for the product you choose by clicking on product details.

You can then select “EMI” as your preferred payment option. This pops up many EMI platforms from which you would choose “ZestMoney EMI” to get fantastic offers. You can then select your preferred tenure, that is, the EMI plan that is most convenient for you.

With ZestMoney EMI, you can purchase your Samsung mobile on EMI on debit card with any amount you have. This means that you can buy a Samsung mobile worth ₹30,000 with just ₹6,000 from your debit card and augment this with a preferred EMI plan. Brilliant! Isn’t it?

Before you checkout, you are required to confirm your purchase with an OTP as a security measure to confirm it’s you making the purchase. All you need to do now is wait for your product to be shipped to you by the seller, and you become a new Samsung flagship model smartphone owner.

Samsung Flagship Models

samsung flagship

Having discussed how to get a Samsung mobile on EMI on the debit card, it is time you checked out what you are paying for. What quality should you expect from a Samsung flagship model smartphone? This answer to this question lies in the specs of these phones.

Chief among the flagship models is the Samsung Galaxy S series, of which the prime member of this crew is Samsung Galaxy S10. This mobile comes in three shades the S10, S10e, and S10+. These three phones have their RAM not less than 8GB and an internal storage space of not less than 128GB.

Together with these fantastic qualities, these smartphones are crafted with the best available processors Samsung Exynos 9820 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. These mobile phones are technological machines that would revolutionize your mobile user experience.

Other features of Samsung Galaxy S10 models include triple rear cameras, reverse wireless charging, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, and Infinity-O display; with these qualities, you should expect nothing shy of perfection for the price at which they are sold.


You don’t need a ton of cash to buy a Samsung flagship model. With any amount you have, you can buy a Samsung mobile on EMI on a debit card. Many thanks to ZestMoney EMI and their affiliated merchant sites. Don’t let your pocket limit you anymore, go on, and experience the Samsung feel.







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