How Android Tracking App Can Control Your Child From Your Phone

How do I control my child with my phone?

Are you wondering for an application that could track all the activities of your kid over the smartphone secretly? Then you have hit the right place. Here in this article, you will get to know about one of the best applications that keeps track of all text messages SMS,, MMS WhatsApp and Facebook activities.

Being a parent it is our sole responsibility to show our children the right way. However, in this modern world, children are surrounded by technical gadgets which may be a boon and a curse depending on the purpose of their usage. Being a modern parent, we have the internet in hand. We can easily control the activities of child ensuring they are practicing right deeds. 

What control method do parents use?

 It is not a specific decision which can affect the behavior of our child. From research conducted by psychologist figured out that two main components of the parenting style include responsiveness and demandingness.

So here is the information about the application which is the one-stop solution for all your needs.

What is a Snoopza and why will it be chosen to control a child?

We have discussed the purpose of the application that will let you watch over your smartphone secretly. Even the play store is flooded with many similar applications performing the same task. But snoopza with all its robust features stands out unique from the rest. The option of recording picture from the cameras and tracking the calls most safely make it the best in its field. The spy feature of this application is also worth appreciating. SMS, MMS, internet activity, WhatsApp, Viber any other social networking sites can be spied easily and even capturing of password and phone numbers can be done safely.

How difficult is it to install the Phoneky blogger free on the phone?

 Well, you need to have some knowledge of computer science to install this application safely. Given below are the three simple steps for installation of this application

  • Sign up to the application by providing your email and password
  • From your account download and install the application
  • You can now start monitoring your data

So if you follow the instructions it’s as simple as that


 Pricing for the application is quite affordable where one can enjoy all the premium features of this application against a monthly charge of 9.95 US dollar. However, if you are willing to save bucks then you can go for the annual subscription against 99.95 US Dollar with its premium features ranging from recording calls to detecting SIM card replaced.

What is included in the free subscription to the program?

You can avail for the phone keylogger free subscription of the program that will help you to track calls, manage SMS check internet history geolocation location feature without any extra charge.

What are the benefits of the paid version of the application?

 Users who seek subscription for the premium version of this application enjoy additional features other than the basic features. Some of the premium features of this application include recording calls, Viber spy, Facebook spy, WhatsApp spy, Snapchat spy, screenshot, check contacts, stealth mode, track camera detect SIM card replaced.


 In brief the application sports some potential features that could let you all that you need for being a responsible parent of your child. This application can reveal what your child is trying to hide from you. 

So without hesitation, you can go for it and be a better guide to your children.






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