Top 10 Highly Compressed PC Games [Download Links]

There are like hundreds of worthy games available in the market for PC players, the list includes both single-player and multiplayer games. As you all know, games that come out nowadays consume loads of internet bandwidth in order to be downloaded on your PC. In various countries (especially India) where internet data is limited, it’s difficult for those players to download lengthy games to play on their PC.

It’s not feasible to waste at least 50 GB of internet bandwidth for downloading a single game, only to be uninstalled after finishing the campaign mode. Therefore, a lot of players hesitate to download PC games just by looking at their size.

Some of you might have already started thinking, the only way to get the game on your PC is by download it fully. Of course, that’s true, however, you don’t actually have to spend GBs of data to get the games on your PC. Sounds, interesting, right? then stick with the article till the end.

Well, the sub-heading itself might sound unrealistic in nature, but it’s actually possible to get PC games without having to download them fully. In this article, we’ll be showcasing a few legitimate websites where you will find highly compressed PC games. You just need to download the compressed file on your PC and extract the contents of it using any extractor tool such as WinRAR.

Before we dive into the topic, let me inform you that by saying “Highly Compressed Games for PC”, I’m not referring to those phony sites that offer games in 50 MB or 100 MB rar files. In case, if you ever come across such sites, then it’s better to avoid them as they mostly contain viruses or ads.

Top 10 Highly Compressed PC Games


In today’s date, the list of games available in the market is huge, it’s practically impossible to try all of them by yourself to find the best game. Therefore, we’ve gathered a few games that are very intriguing or worth trying, and showcased them in the list below of highly compressed pc games.

Dirt 3

If you’re a fan of hardcore dirty racing gaming, then Dirt 3 would be the best game for you to play on your PC. Developed by, CodeMasters, the game has impressive graphics and detailing compared to other typical dirt racing games on PC. As a player, you will have to earn reputation points in the game by taking up various challenges and events.

In return of the reputation points, you will earn sponsorships from virtual car companies that provide you supercars. It’s quite a fun game and takes a decent amount of time to learn and manage your car on the track.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call Of Duty, one of the oldest titles in the entire gaming industry. It’s a first-person shooting games, which is set in outer space. Infinite Warfare may not be the best game in the franchise, however, it features a lot of different mechanics such as Zero Gravity environment, etc.

The Gameplay feels real and refreshing, it’s a bit fast-paced but you will get used to it once you start playing it on your PC. Go ahead and download it right away to experience the new Call of Duty.

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AC Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity is one of the most popular single-player games, developed by Ubisoft. In short, AC Unity is an action-packed game with various adventurous elements mixed up. The game is all about exploring and hunting down your targets in any way you want. You may choose to play stealth the entire game or dominate everyone by being aggressive.

The graphics look beyond awesome and parkour mechanics are well done. You will have a unique experience playing unity, different from the other titles released in the franchise.

Fallout 4


For players who would like to play Apocalyptic games. Fallout 4 is a perfect post-apocalyptic game that differentiates itself in the relative genre. The concept is simple, you will be able to roam freely anywhere in the game, and pick up fights if you wish. You can do things like fast travel to places that you discovered or customize your weapons to make them effective.

Fallout 4 is a completely different experience, considering it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world. Therefore, it’s a must-try game for all the players who like to explore in Open world games.

Just Cause 4

Probably, one of the most loved open-world games where you could do crazy stuff like fly aircraft, cause explosions, experience a various range of weapons, etc. You will be able to drive pretty much any vehicle in the game, and explode them with explosives if you want. There’s also a dynamic weather setting, which makes the experience much better.

On a serious note, the game is less about completing missions and more about having fun by being able to do whatever you want in a completely free virtual world.

Battlefield 5

Another first-person shooter game, that boasts gorgeous graphics and gun ballistics. Unlike the other battlefield titles, this one comes with a battle royale mode where a large number of players are dropped in a single map, the players will have to loot nearby areas to obtain armor and weapons. It’s basically a free for all mode, where you have to play carefully all the time.

There are other multiplayer modes too such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, etc. As for the single-player mode, the story is well written and execution is great as well.

WWE 2K19


For all the wrestling genre fans, WWE might be the best wrestling you can get your hands on as of now since there are not many wrestling games are available in the market. The older titles of WWE used to have simulating gameplay, whereas this one feels way different than the previous ones. It features more fluid and thrilling gameplay with extraordinary sounds.

Don’t worry, it has all the moves that you would see athletes performing in WWE. In fact, you can also customize your character with outfits and his movies by going into the settings. You can also play with your friends by connecting multiple joysticks.



FIFA 19 is basically a simulation game for football fans out there. FIFA 19 comes with various champion leagues to participate and compete. It’s a game where you would have to make your decisions carefully while playing against elite players or teams. FIFA 19 wouldn’t take much time to get you hooked, but it might look frustrating learning all the movies if you’re new to FIFA.

You can connect multiple joysticks and have your friend as your partner in the match. The game is very fun when you play with or against your friends

Ghost Recon


Wildlands:- Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a third-person tactical shooter game available for various gaming platforms. It is primarily a third-person perspective game on paper, however, you can change it to first person as well for when it comes to gun battles. The game has adopted a modern-day setting, unlike the other titles that were released in the franchise.

It may not look futuristic, but the tactical aspect of the game is really on another level. You can form your strategies and coordinate with your teammates for bringing your enemies down.

Final Fantasy XV


An action-packed role-playing game, which is known for having the next level of graphics and fighting animations. If you have played the older titles of Final Fantasy than it wouldn’t be difficult to get along with the story and its mechanics. But, you can still give it a try and get the hang of it by spending some time in the game.

Since the game is filled with heavy animation and breathtaking graphics, you would definitely need a good PC to play it. Otherwise, you can turn down the settings to the lowest and try to play it.

Best Sites To Download Highly Compressed Games

There are tons of websites running on the internet that claim to provide safe and highly compressed games for PC. However, most of them do not work properly and may contain surveys that are impossible to complete. Therefore, we’d recommend you choose a website from the list below to download the games on your PC.

Apun Ka Games

Yes, the name may look unprofessional and unconvincing, but it is a legit site where you can download popular PC games in compressed file formats. It features almost all the latest and trending games for the PC platform, and you will be provided with detailed instructions to install specific games on your PC. Go ahead and check it out to download highly compressed pc games, it’s completely and the compressed games available on this site are genuine.


CGL is another simplistic website to download the best games of PC in compressed file formats. The site does not require any Sign up or Registration to download the compressed games, so you can download them whenever you want. The size of compressed games are relatively low on this site compared to the other ones. So, make sure to give it a try if you’re looking for a super highly compressed pc games free download website.


PCGamesPunch is an excellent source to download PC games for free without going through any ads or surveys. The site actually allows you to find the compressed games that are under 500 MB or 1 GB or so. You don’t have to waste time in searching for small games, the site will automatically display the relevant games once you select the filter. Pretty cool, isn’t it? It is probably the best site to download highly compressed pc games under 500 MB.

FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks is a dedicated site for cracked and unofficial games of PC platform. You will mostly find cracked games over there, however, the games uploaded on the site are usually compressed in the best way possible to prevent the files from getting corrupted. So, if you’re looking for a site to download safe and working compressed games for PC, then Fitgirl repacks is worth considering. The compression may not be aggressive though, but it has highly compressed pc games collection which makes it worth mentioning.


The main purpose of the article is to provide a reliable source for users to download highly compressed games for PC. We do not wish to promote any website, it’s for information purposes only. In case, if you’re wondering, the motioned websites are completely safe. Go ahead and check them out without any hesitation.

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