15 Highly Compressed Android Games in 2021 [Apk+Obb]

There are quite a lot of graphic intensive games available in the Google Play Store to download and install. Gaming on Android has evolved a lot over the years, the graphics and detailing of today’s Highly Compressed Android games are beyond extraordinary. Of course, with increased graphics and content, the size of the game would also shoot up exponentially. Most of the good and story-driven games nowadays require a lot of data to download because of their sizes.

One needs to have a high allocation of internet bandwidth in order to download modern android and iOS games. Unfortunately, not all of us have that privilege due to various reasons. Therefore, a lot of users do not get to enjoy high graphic games on their Android devices simply because of limited internet bandwidth.

Highly Compressed Android Games

we’ve personally witnessed a lot of players dropping out of gaming because of the limited data issue on their smartphones. Well, we believe gamers shouldn’t have any restrictions or boundaries when it comes to gaming. As for the issue, there’s actually a way for users to download high end graphically intensive games on their Android devices without wasting much data.

In short, you will be able to install lengthy games on your Android device without having to spend your entire data to download the game files. There are a few sites available on the internet where you will get to download highly compressed games for android.

Note:- We aren’t talking about those websites that claim to offer compressed android games in 5-10 MB size files. In case if you ever come across such websites, then it’s best to avoid downloading from them. Most of them are fake or contain advertisements, that’s it. You can follow the below links to download highly compressed games for android.

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Best Compressed Games For Android

You would definitely save tons of data by downloading the games in compressed file formats. However, it might be difficult when it comes to choosing the best games that are worth your time. Since the gaming market is highly saturated, we’ve decided to make a list of the Highly compressed Android Games.

GTA San Andreas(apk +obb) – Best Compressed Game

GTA San Andreas is undoubtedly a legendary open-world game launched for the Android platform. It’s actually quite interesting with all the stuff you can do in the game. Of course, you may decide to take up the missions and complete the game as usual. But, you can actually ignore the missions and roam around in the cities and drive different vehicles without any restrictions.

Download apk

Download obb

Well, it’s a paid listing in the Google Play Store, but you can download it for free from the sites that are mentioned in this article. It’s definitely a time killer for Android games, Go ahead and give it try if you don’t know the game already. You will love this highly compressed games.

God Of War 2 (apk +obb)

God Of War franchise is basically a slash and smash game with an action-driven storyline. The game was released for consoles almost a decade ago, which can be played on Android devices as well with the help of an additional app called PPSSPP. The gameplay would definitely feel unique if you have never experienced any God of War games consoles.

Download apk+obb

God Of War series is set in Greet mythology, the protagonist in the game is a highly vengeance-driven character which adds up to the intensity. As a player, you will have to defeat brutal monsters and make your way through the story to reach the final stage.

Shadow Fight 3 – Compressed Games for Android

Shadow Fight 3

A Role-Playing game for Android devices developed and published by Nikki in the Google Play Store. In the game, your mission is to defeat the bosses by combining or creating different martial art techniques. You will be able to make your character learn new moves or use the existing ones depending on your opponent and situation that you’re in.

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The game looks really awesome on large screen sized devices, you may also turn up the Graphics to the maximum if you own a high-end device. It feels really polished and retains the old smoothness whenever you perform any move or attach. Go ahead and give it a shot.


Tekken is a Single Player fighting game that was initially launched for gaming consoles only. But because of the unending popularity of the Tekken series, the game is now available to play on Android devices as well. It’s a martial arts fighting style game, where you can perform various moves or combine basic moves to create powerful attacks.

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Once you start progressing in the game by defeating your enemies, you will unlock new characters and other perks. Of course, with every level, you will start facing stronger opponents which makes it difficult to defeat. Now it’s up to you how you decide to fight in the match to gain victory.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a console-quality sci-fi shooting with a lot of Role Playing elements packed in. Well, it’s a monster/zombie driven game that’s been mixed with an enticing storyline. In the game, you will get to experience a wide range of exciting weapons, gear and high tech upgrades called Body Implants. Of course, you will have to work your way through the game to unlock cool stuff, but it’s definitely worth the grind.

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Graphics in the game are based on Nvidia Technology and boasts a lot of realistic effects to make the environment stunning. You can customize your character by upgrading weapons or gears or body implants. An ideal game if you would like to experience immersive gameplay.

Mafia 3 Rivals


The name itself gives away everything about the game. Mafia 3 is a popular franchise in the Google Play Store with millions of players all around the world. In the game, you will be dealing with gangs to gain supremacy over various regions and territories. Of course, it won’t be easy to acquire the regions, you will have to fight off the enemies and defeat the final boss to be victorious.

Download apk

Download obb

Once you gain the required amount of experience and items, you may decide to rage a war against a rival gang in an epic role-playing style match. It’s a classic action game that looks way better than other role-playing games on Android devices.

Injustice: Gods Among Us


Now you can build an epic line up of heroes from the DC universe with your desired characters in it and rush into the battle. Injustice is a multiplayer game where you will be matched in an epic 3 v 3 action combat. The developers have done a fine job with the controls and setup of the game. You can perform attack movies or combo moves simply by swiping on your screen.

Download apk

You will also have the option to build the skill set of your characters and increase their power to gain efficiency in battles against villains. Lastly, the custom animations and fluid graphics for every hero or villain add up the experience. Download this higly compressed android game and feel like a Super Hero.

Assassin’s Creed –  Compressed Game for Android

Assassin's Creed -  Compressed Game for Android

Probably the first Role Playing game from an acclaimed franchise known as Assassin Creed. The game has a unique storyline with graphics that look spectacular when turned up to the maximum. You can create your Assassin Character in the game and customize him as per your play style. Characters come in four different classes i.e Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster, and Thief.

Download apk

Download apk+data

You can pick up your desired class depending on the type of gameplay you’d prefer. After choosing the class, you may proceed to customize the weapons of your Assassin by using loot. The game seriously has a lot of depth when it comes to delivering Assassin styled gameplay on Android. Best Highly Compressed Android Games

Gear Club – True Racing

gear club android compressed games

An authentic racing game set in a world of super race cars, an ideal game for a quick adrenaline rush. You’d be shocked by the kind of realism involved in driving the car on racing tracks in the game. It’s definitely one of those games where you would have to level up your skill in order to come out as victorious in races.

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As a player, you will be able to collect exotic vehicles in the game and customize their parts to improve the efficiency of races. Explore the authentic racecourses set in the exotic locations and race against your friends by participating in Events or championships in-game.

Dead Trigger 2 – Highly Compressed Android Games

dead trigger compressed game

Dead Trigger is a zombie apocalyptic game where you have to survive by defeating the waves of Zombies. It tends to become difficult in defending yourself with every new level, so you will have to upgrade your character by equipping items that you think would be useful in battle. If you’re the kind of player who would like to smash the faces of Zombies with the sniper, then here it is!

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The game is continuously updated with new content to keep the evolving storyline going. It’s basically a first-person shooter game, with a world full of Zombies to defeat. The graphics look gorgeous and the background sounds are very intense for a mobile game.

Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer

One of the most popular soccer franchise on various gaming platforms, Pro Evolution Soccer is an authentic football game, developed and published by Konami. The game has won many awards for its unique and authentic gameplay on Android devices. In fact, the console version of Pro Evolution Soccer itself has been ported to mobile, to deliver the football experience to Android users.

Download apk

Download obb

You may decide to play against real players in the multiplayer mode or compete against your friends in an epic 1v1 mode. The game is built on Unreal Engine 4 because of which players will now experience a more distinct personality with new skills, playstyles, and goal celebrations.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

modern combat 5

This is probably the game that raised the bar in first shooter games on Android devices. Out of all the shooter games, Modern Combat 5 looks stunning and way above its competitors. The game has received various nominations and positive reviews from top labels for being the best eSport shooter game in the entire Google Play Store.

Download apk+obb

Coming to the game, there are a total of 9 different classes to choose from the list. Upon selecting the class, you will get to upgrade your weapon or customize it with cool skins and outfits for your character. The action and gunfights look awesome and don’t feel choppy, unlike other fps games.

After Pulse –  Highly Compressed Android Games

If you’re more into online multiplayer action rather than playing Single Player or campaign mode, then After Pulse would be the best option. It’s an addictive online first-person shooter that has been growing in terms of popularity among Android players, The game offers a lot in terms of character customization such as Equip unique weapons and items to aid you in intense battles.

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You will be able to play the game and defeat your enemies in any way you’d prefer. Let it by throwing grenades or sniping them across the map or blast them out with a grandee launcher. There are rules on the battlefield, it’s all comes down to your gunning skills in the game. It is one of the best games in the list of Highly Compressed Android Games

We couldn’t find working links for given-below games. We have downloaded original files of below games and trying to compress them in zip. Kindly have patience or try other games. We will upload them as soon as possible.

Asphalt 8: Airborne (apk +obb)

asphalt 8 android compressed games

Asphalt 8 is probably the most graphically advanced and fun to play racing game available in the Google Play Store currently. The game does not focus or concerned with physics, you can perform crazy stunts such as Mid-air barrel rolls or drift your cars across the track. Players who have played the previous games might have already noticed it.

Overall, it’s quite an interesting game, especially when you play with your friends in online multiplayer mode. Or, you can select the Single Player mode and complete exciting challenges and races to acquire rewards that can be used to unlock new cars and gears. I gave this game top spot in our list of compressed games for android.

Download apk

Download obb

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

modern combat 4

If you’re a fan of first-person action-packed shooting games, then you fall in love with Modern Combat 4. It’s a classic fps game that has both Single Player mode and Online Multiplayer mode. The graphics look really natural and the surroundings really add up the experience in the game. Make your way into the Single Player mode and defeat the enemies to unlock various guns and gears.

You can also play against real players or with your friends in the Multiplayer mode if you don’t like shooting bots. Overall, it’s pretty decent to say that’s been set in a nuclear warfare kind of environment.

Nova 3 – Highly Compressed Android Games

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 (N.O.V.A) is a thrilling sci-fi shooter game developed and published by Gameloft for Android devices. Basically, it’s a survival game and your objective is to defeat ruthless creatures using weapons like a heavy machine gun, flamethrower, and grenade launchers.

It’s definitely a fun game with good looking graphics for an Android device. You can also play against other players or friends in the Multiplayer mode. Various modes are available such as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Capture the flag, etc in the multiplayer mode.

Download apk

Download obb

How To Extract Compressed Games On Android

In order to install the apk file of a game, you need to extract it from the compressed file on your Android device using a third-party app such as an achiever. You may follow the below-mentioned steps to know the process.

  1. Go ahead and download the Zarchiever App from the Google Play Store using the link.
  2. Once the installation is complete, open the App and grant all the necessary permissions.
  3. Now select the compressed and open it with Zarchiever to see all the files available in it.
  4. Select the apk file and OBB from the compressed and extract them anywhere on your storage.
  5. It may take some time for the extraction to complete, depending on the game size.

Note:- Some Android devices come with extracting features in-built, you don’t need to download any additional apps in such cases.

How To Play Compressed Android Games

You must be aware of the installation process of Highly Compressed Android Games in order to play them on your Android device. There are basically two files for every game, i.e apk and OBB file. You need to install the apk file manually as usual and place the OBB file in the right place to make the game work.

  1. Extract the apk file and OBB file of the game by following the aforementioned process.
  2. Tap on the apk file and select “install” to start the installation process on your device.
  3. Now copy or cut the OBB file and move it to File Manager->-Android-> OBB folder.
  4. After the successful installation of the apk file, open it up and wait for a few seconds.
  5. The Apk will detect the OBB file and will automatically load the game on your device.

Now you can delete the compressed file of the game from your Android device since you have already installed the game properly. You will be able to play the game without any issue.

Final Words

If you look up in the Google Play Store, you would find a lot more graphically intensive games to download on your Android device. However, most of them are lengthy in size and aren’t worth checking out because of their mediocre graphics and gameplay. The list of highly compressed android games featured in this article showcases all the best graphically demanding games for Android devices.

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