Download Gato TV APK for Android [*Latest Version]

Gato TV APK: It is an era of the Internet. There are plenty of things available on the Internet. You can spend your whole exploring things as much as you want without getting bored.

One of the best things to kill your leisure time on the Internet is to watch your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Anime or Cartoons. But the matter is that most of the streaming services cost high, so not everyone can afford the subscription of these streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, or Disney Plus.

I know everyone loves free stuff. So why one would buy spend money on Streaming Service when they can get it for free.

Free? Yes, Free. I have come with an app called Gato TV, which is currently available for Android users only. Gato TV is a free app available on this website, which lets you stream TV Shows and Movies without any interruption.

Many guys here who are paying their internet bills or mobile data charges, and they are not financially able to spend more on costly streaming services. So keeping your pocket in mind, Few Developers came together and made Gato TV APK for Android.

What is Gato TV?

gato tv apk

As you know, there are already so many Paid Streaming Services available, which sometimes ask for a high amount even if they offer a one-month free trial. It is time to stop paying for Movies and TV Shows.

Gato TV is a full-fledged entertainment app for TV shows and Movie Freaks. On this app, users can keep themselves entertained all day. It provides you a wide range of content and Live TV channels. You don’t need to pay on Gato TV APK as it made for full entertainment.

GatoTV has access to newly released movies also. This way, you save your money more efficiently. Let’s dig out more about it.

What does Gato TV Offer?

Like other paid apps, Gato TV apk also receives updates frequently. Regular updates bring new features that you all need.  It has lots of amazing vital features, let’s check out-

  • Regular Updates

This app receives daily updates. It keeps you updated with more extra features that you see on other apps.

  • Catalog

GatoTV has all types of audiovisual content to keep you engaged.

  • Watch Anywhere, Anytime

Call it Pocket TV, start watching your favorite movies or TV shows anywhere you want. All you need is a Good Internet Connection and smartphone.

  • Sports

If you are a sports lover and don’t want to miss any soccer/cricket (or whatever game you like), Gato TV APK got your back. It offers live sports channels so that you never miss any match.

  • Free

GatoTV is a free app, and You don’t need to spend money on other apps when you have installed it on your smartphone.

  • Quick and Easy

The easiest to use IPTV app. You just have to turn it on and choose a channel.

For those of us who are addicted to television and the series, we know that our tastes can cost a lot of money in TV programming, the truth is that we cannot avoid it, hiring some exclusive channel subscriptions is a new level of entertainment. But in difficult times we have a hard time getting rid of these expenses.

To avoid having to go through uncomfortable financial moments and to continue enjoying our favorite series and programs,  we can opt for a free program application, just like Jack TV. We can easily install it on our smartphone, without ads, and with more channels to see.

Main features of GatoTV to watch TV

To begin, it is important to mention that we will not need cables or an adapter to be able to watch this programming, we will simply need a good Internet connection to visualize the channels correctly. Another of its most important characteristics is that not only will we have channels available from our country of origin, but we can also choose from hundreds of Latin American and European channels, which makes it even better. Other of its most interesting aspects are the following:

  • It is an application that works through an IPTV protocol, which means you do not have to wait for the multimedia content to load to view it; it is not YouTube; it is Internet television.
  • It is entirely free and available for smartphones and tablets.
  • We can access  HD channels with the best image quality.
  • It is an app for the Whole Family, as it includes content from different categories.
  • From its website, it offers a guide so that we have access to all its new channels and updates.

What is Gato TV APK for?

gatotv apk for android

It was manufactured to save us a lot of inconveniences when enjoying programming, since our only problem is not the cost of cable subscriptions, sometimes. It can also bother us the number of ads or simply that someone else of our Family has monopolized the TV, this application is made to solve all this.

Apart from that, we also have the advantage of not having to offer any type of personal information, as is often the case with other types of streaming applications and services, after downloading and installing we will simply execute it on our device without having to create an account or something similar.

The way it works is also very intuitive, so we will not need any type of manual or specific instructions to start using it, we will only begin to the app to find a drop-down menu, the interface also contains a submenu with several channels, it is how to access the start of a Smart TV, but from our mobile.

Available Programming Sections

When we review the website of the application, we can see that we have available channels from different countries such as Germany, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, France, United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy, Panama, and United Kingdom. Likewise, when installing the software, we will see an orderly and convenient menu to explore among the channels that attract us most, among them are the following categories:

  • Films.
  • Programs and series.
  • Sports.
  • TV soaps.
  • Drawings.
  • News.
  • Documentaries

It is also essential that we mention that when we explore our programming options, we will possibly see the occasional online advertising, it is straightforward to close. It will not prevent us from seeing our programs, and we just have to remember that they are how the application is kept updated, with more and better functions, so we will not have to pay to see our favorite programs.

Download Gato TV APK

Gato TV Apk on Android

Previously, we could find the application available in the Play Store. However, it was recently removed, although we can still access it using different methods. It will soon be available again in the marketplace, but in the meantime, we can download it through an APK file.

This type of format allows us to download and install applications that do not come from the marketplace on our devices, are very safe. We will only have to be aware of updating them every time there is a new version since the Play Store will not notify us about it.

The first thing to do before downloading it is to activate the option allow unknown sources in the applications menu of our mobile. We must also take into account the version of our Android must be 4.0 or higher. Then, we must follow the next steps.

  1. We will download the file directly from the website on our mobile device.
  2. Next, we will install the application as soon as the download is notified.
  3. The app will not start installing if we have not completed the step to enable applications from unknown sources.
  4. Once installed, we click on open, and we can see the complete menu.
  5. The next thing is to explore the channels that attract attention and enjoy excellent programming.

It is important to remember that it is not necessary to do this procedure again since the application will appear as if it was installed from the Play Store, although we can keep the APK file saved in case we uninstall it by mistake.

Gato TV App for iOS?

Unfortunately, all devices that have iOS, that is, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV are not compatible with the application. Normally, we find that this type of tool is more accepted by Android because it is designed to live with a little more free software. Unlike iOS, it remains under strict regulations exclusive to Apple.

Sometimes, this has its advantages, since they ensure that there are only secure apps on the marketplace and that they will last over time, but sometimes their filters and requirements can be detrimental in the case of programs as efficient as Gato TV. We can only hope that thanks to its popularity can be accepted in the Apple Store in the future.

It is also necessary that we mention that there may be other alternatives for those who only have Apple products. For example, we can use the recent EyeTV or Plusdede app; they are exclusive for iPhone, both are apps with features very similar to the Cat, although we must also take into account that they can be paid in the long term.

How to install Gato TV APK on PC?

Sometimes it is not only enough to install an Internet TV that is available only on our mobile, we also want to have it available on our computer, especially when we are tired of the small screen or when all the devices are busy (what happens with large families ) Then we can have it available on the PC for any occasion.

The possibility of doing this is only available for Windows or Mac operating systems if we have versions higher than Windows 8, the performance will be better, especially when we will see streaming content, although the speed of the Internet also greatly influences these cases. Best of all, we can install the app just as if it were a mobile, this procedure is not complicated, but it does have a few more steps.

The first thing we should do is look for a trusted emulator. We will go to Google and look for the best Android Emulator. Almost all downloads come with a tutorial to complete the installation. From here we will have two options to download the app; they are as follows.

Search for the app in the Google Play Store, it may be available or it may not, if it is the first statement, we will follow the procedure of a standard installation, only that it will be saved in the files of the PC and the emulator. If not available, we proceed with the following option.

Download Gato TV APK; we will use the same one that is available for Android mobile, download it on our PC from our website and continue with the following steps.

  1. When we have the file, we will open it in the emulator; we can drag it to the platform or open it from the emulator with the download option.
  2. We will open the file and click on install.
  3. Once the installation is complete, we will have the Jack TV icon on the home page of the emulator.
  4. Double click on it and ready, we can start exploring the channels.


I hope you all enjoy this awesome app called GatoTV. If you are facing any trouble in downloading the app or while streaming any show, let us know in the comment section.






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