How To Fix & Error on Kodi 17.6

If you are a Kodi user and love streaming movies online then you may have faced streaming authorization error while streaming. We are going to share detailed guide on how you can fix this error easily. After reading this tutorial, you will be able to fix error permanently.

Before going into depth solution of the article we should understand the problem deeply, Right?

https://olpair or stream authorization

As a Kodi user you would have used Kodi Addons to stream content such as movies, TV shows, Sports, etc. online. When you open any movies from those kodi addons, then you see a list of servers to stream content. You have to choose any server to enjoy content. You may also see openload server there in the list.

Most of the user prefer server (openload server) to watch movies without any hassle. is one of the largest Database of Movies, TV Shows and other streaming content.

Nowadays users started reporting that they are seeing pop up box asking to pair Openload Stream Authorization when they choose server. This is not actually an error. Developers started asking to pair users device in order to prevent spam and misuse of resource.

So for better streaming experience, you can pair your device with their server and continue streaming. As you know their database is too large. So it is very tough to handle such a large number of requests at a time So developers found this way to handle this situation. They ask everyone to pair their device with their server so that real users can enjoy it not bots.

Fix Error

olpair fix

Now We’ve got what is Olpair/Openload Server, Openload Stream Authorization. Now we can easily fix within 2-3 minutes pairing the device with their server.

As It is very hard to handle huge number of requests at a time, It may even crash the server so Olpair stream authorization method was made to reduce the server load.

Solution is very straight. Just your pair your IP address with their server and you are done for next 4 hours. After 4 hours, repeat the same step of openload stream auhtorization.

There are 2 ways by which you can fix Error. One is temporary and another is permanent. I know you would love permanent solution. Explaining both for your comfort.

Lets go for temporary solution first.

Pairing IP Address with their Server

If you are looking for easiest method, then this method is flexible. You can pair your IP address with their server and that’s it. Though it is temporary solution and you can stream only for next 4 hours. To watch more than 4 hours, you need to pair again. See how to pair-

  • Turn on VPN

I always recommend you a VPN network. There are many VPNs available for free and Paid. While few provide weekly or monthly trail. I would recommend HideMyAss or ExpressVPN. 

Always use VPN because it give you another IP address which you can pair on Never use your real IP address on Kodi because your ISP can block you.

  • Enter in Browser

Now you need to Enter in browser of your device. You can use browser, chrome, mozilla or Safari. I am recommending them because these browsers support HTML5 and latest codes and scripts.

Once you enter the above given URL in URL bar and Hit Enter, your IP will be visible on the screen.

  • Complete Captcha Verificationolpair

Now you will see captcha verification. Verify that your human not robot. Just check ‘I’m not Robot’ box and verify.

  • Pair your IP

Once you verify captcha, scroll down and you are ready to hit the Pair button below the captcha section. Once you do, you will see successful message saying-

IP paired

Pairing Successful, Your IP is currently paired. You are now able to use openload with 3rd-party applications!

Now you can close the browser and you won’t see the popup on Kodi anymore. Now you can stream for next 4 hours without any trouble. Though it  is temporary, you need to repeat same steps again after 4 hours.

Fix by Disabling Hoster and Captcha

This is a permanent solution for olpair stream authorization error. You won’t see any pop up of openload stream authorization. To do that, follow the below steps, and check images for your comfort.

Let me tell you that, Here I am disabling Hosters and Captcha for Neptune Rising Addons. Don’t worry, you can get idea how to disable for other addons too.

  • First of all click on Add-ons, Now you will see addons on the screen.
  • I am choosing Neptune Rising. If you are facing error with other add-ons, you can choose that.

olpair stream authorization

  • Now Scroll down and You will see Tools option, Click on that.

openload error fix

  • Now scroll down and click on tools, and click on Clear Cache then YES. Now click on Clear Providers then YES to confirm
  • Now Scroll above and Click on SETTINGS – Playback. 

openload fix

  • Now you can see an option Hosters and Captcha which is already enabled, Disable it by taping on it. (It is already enabled in this below image. Clicking on it, will disable hosters and captcha.)

fixed olpair stream error

  • Now click and OK. That’s it.

Now you can play any movies or TV shows without any error saying openload stream authorization.

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Wrapping up

Now you have both temporary and permanent solution for your problems. Temporary solution gives you access to stream for 4 hours while permanent solution is fix for always. You won’t see any error after following above steps.

Let me tell you one more things, If you follow permanent solution then you may miss many streaming content in HD, 4K Quality. So I would rather go for first method. I also recommend you to pair your IP on to fix olpair or error.

I have tried my best to provide you complete solution with images. If you are still facing any errors, do let me know in the comment section.

Also tell this method to other so that they can also enjoy streaming without any hassle.







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