How to Fix Event id 10016 in Windows

If you are a regular user of Windows OS, then you might become irritated if it doesn’t work flawlessly. For smooth operation, the Windows should function properly. Being a tech enthusiast I too had faced this issue. After a while, I thought it could not fix this then what kind of techy am I? Thus, after a few tries, I had finally found out how to fix event ID 10016 in Windows event viewer?

If you are getting any error in your Windows and if you have no idea about it, then it takes hell lot of time to fix it. But for the betterment of you people I had figured out how to fix event ID 10016. In this article, we are going to give the solution of error which pops up Event Viewer related to DistributedCOM.

If your device is free from other errors, then you must have been seeing errors only with DCOM ID 10016. Apart from this, it must have asked you to modify permissions by making use of the component services. Moreover, things like CLSID, APPID, SID would have also been seen. 

event id 10016event-id 10016

After a decent amount of research by going deep in blogs and forums, I have found the solution. It is quite a long process. Therefore, you must make sure to take out an hour or so before starting this whole process. Also, if you are going to use your laptop with half amount of battery then it is recommended to plug into charging.

Fix DistributedCOM Event ID 10016

Below is the step by step guide which contains all the steps to fix this error. Make sure to read this article till the end to solve this issue properly. 

Step 1: Check the process

Before clearing any error you need to check the process with which it is associated. The same is with this error. You need to figure out the process or source which is associated with CLASSID.

Proceed by copying the CLSID which can be found in the event description. It must be starting with {D63B10C5. Make sure to copy the whole code including both the braces too.

  • Now simply open the registry editor by typing regedit in search box, click on edit and then tap on find.


  • Proceed by pasting the above-copied code and hitting the enter button.
  • After this, under HK_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID key you will be able to find the result.
  • Now, on the right-hand side, you will be able to see two keys. The default one with the name of RunTimeBroker should be the one to be chosen. 

As we have to make changes in the permissions in component services, therefore we need to run a script. Follow the second step to do so. 

Step 2: Run PowerShell Script 

To fix the distributedCOM event ID 10016, you need to make changes in the permissions in the component services. But you can’t do so directly. Therefore, you need to run a separate script. This script will allow us to make the desired changes. 

  • Now simply head on to start and search for PowerShell.
  • Press right click and tap on Run as administrator.

  • Proceed by copying this code from here.
  • You can paste this code by simply tapping the right click of your mouse. Simply press the enter button and the dialogue box of ‘Done’ will appear in front of you.

Step 3: Open Component Services

You can proceed by opening component services in your device. It can be opened as you opened PowerShell in the previous step. Unlike component services, you don’t need to run it as administrator.


Now follow this path Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config. 


Now find Runtime Broker. You will find two of them. You must be wondering how to find out which one is related to that error. To check that, simply right click on both of them. On the General tab, you will be able to see the application ID. This particular application ID should match the error ID.runtimebroker

Step 4: Correct Permissions to fix event ID 10016

Now, this is the step in which you need to modify the permissions. As you enter into the properties of the Runtime Broker, then head on to the security tab. You will find that the edit option under the tab of Launch and Activate permissions should be clickable. If you are not able to click on this edit button, then it is clear that your script did not run and you made a mistake in previous steps.


As you click on edit, it is a high chance that you can see a pop-up dialogue box. This will warn you about the unrecognized permissions. Out of those available two options, you have to choose the option of cancel.


Now you will be able to see the accounts in the particular tab. Here, you have to add two accounts. Click on the option of ADD and type “SYSTEM” and tap on check names. After this, click on OK and this will be added to your accounts.

Now tap on Add again and type ‘LOCAL SERVICE’ and repeat the process to add it. 


As soon as you add them, then choose the option of Local Launch and Local Activation under the allow button. Do this by choosing them one by one. Now simply restart your device and it has been made flawless again.


So this was all about how to fix event ID 10016. If you follow these steps properly with patience then I am pretty sure that you will not find any difficulty in removing this error from your device. 






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