(100% Working) Cookie Clicker Cheats 2021 – How to Hack

Cookie Clicker Cheats: Hey we all used to play flash games, small online games. Like Tank Trouble Unblocked, and many other flash games on our PC. Did you hear about Cookie Clicker? You may or may not. But let me tell you this game was released back in August 2013 which gained millions of user just within a week.

It is still a most popular game which can make you addicted to it. An article in the Kernel describes it as Probably the best known-game.

This game has dedicated fanbase in the genre of increment games. Did you know that its first version was coded in the first night. The best thing I like about the game that it has continual updates since it release. Even it was updated last month in 2021 (Cookies for days)

The Gameplay – Cookie Clicker Hack

Well game has simple layout and very easy to play but still it can make you addicted. In the game, user generate one cookie per click just by clicking on a Cookie shown in the game’s interface. These cookies can be spent on buying buildings which can automate your process. Golden and smaller cookies which appear for a while can increase the rate of cookies production.

Game doesn’t require any human to play always, you can automate your process using Cookie Clicker Cheats. In this tutorial I will be telling you how you can hack Cookie Clicker using some simple techniques.

So before going to start cookie clicker hack, let me tell you that you have saved your game first.

How you can export/save game

It is very easy to export your game process which can be restore anywhere on any computer. Once you save the process to your computer, you can restore the saved process in another computer. Here is how you can export game-

  • Click on Option 


  • You will see- save, export save, import save option there.
  • Now click on export save.


  • As you click on it, you get a code, copy and paste it somewhere to continue game later.

Import saved game

  • Click on Import Save


  • Paste the code which you saved in above steps to continue game.
  • All done.

Hack Cookie Clicker

So now main part comes. Now we will apply Cookie Clicker cheats. By this method you can add unlimited number of cookies. These cookies can be used for buying available items in the game. So get ready for steps.

So before getting started, let me tell that you are playing this game in laptop or desktop. Because this hack works on only PC/Laptops not in smartphones.

  • First step is to open the game by clicking this link: http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/
  • Once you open the game, now you need to open the console in the browser.
  • Different browsers have different methods to open source inspector. Depends on browser you are using. Here is method for each browser-

Chrome: Press Ctrl+⇧ Shift+I (Windows) or ⌘+⌥ Option+I (Mac) or right click and choose inspect.
Firefox: Press Ctrl+⇧ Shift+K (Windows) or Ctrl+⌥ Option+K (Mac).
Edge: Right-click a blank space on the page and click “Inspect element” option.
IE: Right-click a blank space on the page and click “Inspect element” option.
Safari: Press ⌘+⌥ Option+C.

  • Here I am going to use Chrome as my default browser. Enter in console mode using Ctrl+Shift+I.
  • Now click on Console Tab.
  • Now Type Game.Earn(number), replace the number with value of which you want cookies. Like I want 10000000000 then I will type Game.Earn(1000000000000).


  • Now Hit Enter, It will generate specified number of cookies. You don’t need to click to earn cookies by clicking. Just use this code and boom.
  • You can type any number you want.

Cookie Clicker cheats

Now you can automate your process of producing cookies. You can upgrade to Cursor, Grandma, Farm, Mine Factory, Bank Temple. These will make your process fast. You can buy as much as you want. Here is how much cookies you can earn per second if you upgrade to any of these-

  • Cursor– If you buy cursor, it will produce 1 cookie per second.
  • Grandma- Grandma also make 1 cookie per second.
  • Farm– Buying farm will produce 8 cookies per second.
  • Mine– Mine generate 47 per second (Buy as much as you can)
  • Factory– 260 cookies per second Buy as much as you can)
  • Bank-  1400 cookies per second (Buy as much as you can)

Here is another cheat codes which also work like charm. Give them try out.

Ruin the Fun – Game.RuinTheFun()

Using this cookie Clicker cheat, you can instantly unlock all achievements and 999,999,999,999,999,999 cookies will be added to your account. Type the below code in the console and hit enter.

Code- Game.RuinTheFun()

Infinity Cookies – Game.cookies = Infinity

This hack will help you to add infinite cookies in your account. Code-  Game.cookies = Infinity



Gain more cookies –  Game.cookies = <amount>

You can add any number of cookies to your account using. Replace amount with any number.

Code- Game.cookies = <amount>

Update- this code isn’t working anymore. Rather try below one to unlock all cookie clicker achievements


This code will change the number of cookies generating per second. Just Copy and paste this code to console and change the number with the desired number

Cookie Clicker Unblocked

If you don’t know how to use inspect elements or don’t want to dirty your hand in inspect tweaks, then you can move on its unblocked version also. In this unblocked version, you still be able to apply cheats without inspect elements. To play unblocked version, just search in google, you will get many sites providing cookie clicker unblocked version.

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Wrapping up

So this was all about Cookie Clicker Cheats and Hacks. Try out these tricks and have fun playing this awesome game and impress your friends. I have explained everything steps by step so that it would be easy for you to hack cookie clicker using these cheat codes.

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  1. I can’t click the inspect button, and I have Chrome OS and my computer is a ASUS and I dont know how to do this

    • Go to Option top left. Click it, then Click on Wipe Save. Confirm it and you are done.
      It will delete all your achievements.

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