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  • Best Cheap Laptops for Linux Reviews 2020

    Linux offers a free operating system with many advantages. It is less vulnerable to attacks and much more secure than Windows OS. No wonder its popularity is increasing.  You’ll be surprised to know that Google and Facebook run on Linux. A far more reliable system fitted in a laptop to make it run smoothly for […]

  • Best Cheap Laptops For Video Editing Reviews 2020

    Video editing app includes tools to convert file format, trim videos/frames, re-sequence clips, control brightness and contrast, crop parts of the frame, rotate, add sound, and other special effects. Phew! Such heavy tasks need a laptop; you can work with ease. For Novice, a laptop of a minimum of 8GB RAM is adequate. Significant space […]

  • Best Cheap Laptops For Programming Reviews 2020

    Whether you’re learning a new language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB, or game development, it is always so confusing to find the best laptop you. Before you go through our list, here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy a laptop for programming.  Hard Drive For programming, one of the best SSDs is […]