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Do you love to read books? If yes, then you must be knowing about en bookfi. Bookfi is one of the most popular online book libraries that contain several fictional and non-fictional books. The best thing about it is that you can access it anytime and anywhere. If you are looking for best Bookfi alternatives, then you are in the right place.

Bookworms generally face problems in grabbing the copy of their favorite eBooks from offline stores. To make things easy for these types of people, Bookfi has been launched. Bookfi is an online book store which helps you to access thousands of eBooks without paying any single penny. 

No matter what kind of books you are interested, you will get almost every book, let it be comic, business, biographies, fairy tales or cooking. The best thing about Bookfi is that it is going on eliminating the need for paperbacks to print books to read them.

Top bookfi alternatives –

Moreover, it provides the advantage of getting access to your favorite books on your fingertips. You don’t need to go anywhere, as you can access them directly on your smartphone. The only thing you will need is an internet connection and a device to access them. Below are some of the best alternatives which you can check out for the best experience.

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Project Gutenberg -Best Bookfi alternative


Gutenberg is also one of the famous market places where one can access numerous amounts of eBooks. It is an organization as it is running on the funding of some of the high-class book lovers. For now, it has been packed up with more than 57,000 eBooks. The best thing about it is that they are completely free to be accessed.

This is because it becomes one of the best Bookfi alternatives. On Gutenberg, you also have the option of using HTML to read your favorite eBook online. Other than English, you can also find eBooks in other languages like Deutsch, French, and Portuguese. Apart from this, it doesn’t require any dedicated app or Windows software to be used. This is because it is compatible with almost every device.

Internet Archive


Second, on the list of top alternatives is the Internet Archive. Have you ever thought about the perks of having a device connected to an internet connection? If yes, then access to Internet Archive is one of them. Internet Archive is currently running with more than 550,000 eBooks. It contains books from every niche.

The only thing you need to do is switch on your device and log on to the official website of the Internet Archive. It is a search engine that will take you to the world of different categories of eBooks. You can simply create a free account and go on searching for whichever eBook you want. If you are casually searching to read an eBook, then you can pick any from bestsellers or popular classics. 

Bookboon – Top Alternative

The name of Bookboon suggests that it is something related to books. Bookboon is one of the famous places where one can find any kind of eBook of his/her choice. Moreover, it is one of the largest publishers of eBooks. It contains a huge number of eBooks with different categories ranging from business books to educational textbooks. 

The best thing about Bookboon is that it has eBooks with multiple languages. Therefore, any person from any part of the world can access Bookboon to read eBooks in his/her preferred language. If you are a person with quick reading habits then this is going to be the best place for you. Bookboon holds eBooks that are under 50 pages. This highly promotes quick reading habits. 

ManyBooks – Free Ebook Download


If you are a bookworm and have a fantasy of carrying a library in your pocket, then this is the best option to be considered. ManyBooks comes with a huge number of eBooks. The best thing about it is that the eBooks present on ManyBooks are completely free to be accessed. It is a kind of popular online book store containing more than 33,000 free eBooks download.

Apart from this, you can pick up an eBook from any category. The category ranges from romance, horror, literature, cooking, health, teen, biographies and much more. Moreover, the user-interface of this book store is quite simple. It has been optimized in such a way that finding your preferred eBook has been made quite simple. You can grab your eBook by entering the author, title, or genre.

Smashwords – Free book download


Smashwords is one of the best bookfi alternatives. If you are a person who loves to read eBooks from multiple categories, then this is the ideal place for you. Also, this site has a system of independent publishers and readers. This means that anyone can upload his/her book over this platform. 

Also, it supports several formats such as PDF, Palm Doc, RTF, Plain text, Epub and Kindle. Finding eBooks on Smashwords is quite easy and simple. This is because it allows the addition of various filters of your choice. You can set the word limit, pricing, new or old according to your choice. 

You will be amazed to know that this site holds whopping 77,357 eBooks which are completely free to download books. In addition to fictional and non-fictional books, Smashwords also offers you essays, poetry, and screenplays too. Apart from this, the user interface is quite simple and loads very fast as it has next to no bloatware. Also, it supports all the devices and the eBooks can be downloaded on them easily. 


So, this was all about the best bookfi alternatives. The best thing about these alternatives is that they provide you eBooks for free. What another thing will be best for a book lover who gets to read his favorite books for free without spending any single penny. 

Therefore, if you are willing to read books without spending money, then choosing an option from above can be a good choice. Moreover, you just need a digital device with an internet connection and you are set to rock.






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