Best Comments for Girls pic on Instagram in [year]

Looking for Best Comments for Girls pic on Instagram? You are at the right spot. As you know Instagram insanely became the most loving social media platform for sharing beautiful life moments by capturing them in Videos or Pictures. Recently we also have shared best comments for Facebook friends pictures. Make sure to check that out too.

As you know beautiful comments on girl’s profile picture, make the relationship to that girl much stronger. So always keep this in mind before making any compliment on her picture. Before leaving a comment, make sure what it is about? Is it about her look, personality or accomplishments?

Best Compliments for a Girl


First of all know we must understand the word Compliment. Compliment is something which is unique and attractive which make the person feel special for you. Compliment should be unique (Use your brain). Additional benefit for making a compliment for girl on Instagram, also makes you feel good for that person.

So here are some beautiful and best compliments for girl picture on Instagram, make sure to check out them-

  1. You look Gorgeous girl….did someone tell you that .
  2. This is the best I’ve come across till now.
  3. Beauty is just a word, you justify better.
  4. I’m running out of words to fix your beauty right.
  5. I don’t know where to start praising you.
  6. It’s been my pleasure to see beauty.
  7. I don’t believe if something that beautiful exists too.
  8. I’m in awe of your beauty.
  9. Class outsmarted beauty, again.
  10. People praise beauty, I praise your personality.
  11. Praising you won’t be justified, adoring you may be.
  12. I loved your pic thrice.
  13. Personality speaks louder than beauty, and so does yours.
  14. I tried many combinations of words to praise you right, each time I ended up unsatisfied.
  15. I went around 360 degrees, saw nothing better than you.
  16. Every time I ask God, Who’s the most beautiful girl on Earth. He simply redirects me to your fb profile.
  17. If there’s a word to praise you, it would be Infinity.
  18. I saw many, but you always stood out of the comparison line.
  19. There were many times when I thought what’s better, then I realize, nothing is better than a beautiful heart with a true soul. Well, I found both of them in you.
  20. That confusing moment when you don’t know what to comment because you know whatever you write it wouldn’t be enough.
  21. I tried many things but I always end up on you.
  22. The word addiction meant so little before I saw you. Now it seems so less.
  23. The Best I could do to me is to block you because ignoring is not even an option.
  24. The times when I used to think that mountains are beautiful. Now I see you, even the snow doesn’t compare.
  25. There’s nothing that can stop you from being the best.
  26. Beauty is for kids. You’re so much more than that.
  27. Every flower withers, but you won’t.
  28. I wish the keyboard had enough letters to define you.
  29. People grow old, she grows beautiful.
  30. Yours are the eyes my eyes were waiting to see.


  • Are you a driver? because you’re driving me crazy with those looks.
  • No one justifies the term “Beauty” better than you do.
  • I can’t believe how can someone this beautiful even exist on this planet.
  • Simply praising your beauty wouldn’t suffice, adoring you, might.
  • Your personality speaks louder than your beauty and it’s insane.
  • This look of yours definitely deserves a round of applause.
  • Usually, people grow old, but you’re growing beautiful.
  • You seem to be growing in beauty-wise, which is amazing.
  • Thank you for spreading your positive vibes out there.

Best Comments for Girls Photo

Before leaving the best comments on girl photo, I would say to find out how do you know her? Is she your friend, crush or unknown? If she is unknown, try leaving the some best comments on her picture in starter days. As she starts knowing you as a friend, you can slightly start leaving other Instagram comments as well.

  1. Your true colors are beautiful.
  2. You’ve got a beautiful heart.
  3. Inside out; you are beautiful.
  4. You steal my breath away.
  5. 45. You are a whisper of perfection.
  6. I love how expressive your eyes are.
  7. Your beauty is one of the things I like about you.
  8. Honestly, you are beautiful
  9. You make others feel beautiful.
  10. Your beautiful comes deep from within your soul.
  11. Your beauty is refreshing.
  12. You have pretty eyes.
  13. Your beauty is full of endless possibilities.
  14. You are a true epitome of beauty.
  15. You are beautiful and passionate.
  16. I see strength behind your beauty.
  17. You are like a ray of sunlight.
  18. You are a gift from the heavens.
  19. Beauty is just one of the endearing traits you possess.
  20. Your smile is charming.
  21. Your beauty defeats sorrow.
  22. You are true, pure and beautiful.
  23. You are truly flawless.
  24. You’ve got a pretty smile.
  25. Your beauty is breath-taking.
  26. I see life in your beauty.
  27. I find you fascinating.
  28.  A beautiful story lies behind those beautiful eyes.
  29. You’ve got an amazing figure.

Best Comment on Girl Pic To Impress Her

Leaving a comment should be depended on the situation of her picture. If she shared a beautiful picture of her, try appreciating his beauty, If she is doing something in the picture, try appreciating that kind of work, etc. I would say to always use your brain while leaving a best comments for girls picture. Well, you can check out these comments and appreciate her in an appropriate way.

  1. Your beauty is irresistible!!
  2. You look energetic.
  3. Impressive picture.
  4. You look strong and confident.
  5. This picture is lit!!
  6. Simply Elegant.
  7. Beautiful vibes everywhere !!
  8. Most stunning pic I’ve seen today.
  9. Such an Adorable picture.
  10. Your smile makes me happy.
  11. You are Looking so Gorgeous !!! .
  12. This picture made my day.
  13. Your beauty has no boundaries.
  14. Great sense of fashion.
  15. Your style is elegant.

10 Comments which girls like most

You must be honest with the person. Leave your honest and loving comment on girs pic. She will definitely like the comment. Few of you guys might be thinking that which comments girls like most, so here is my picks of best comments for girls

  1. Nobody makes me happier than you.
  2. You’re just adorable.
  3. You make me feel like a man.
  4. I can’t stop thinking of you.
  5. My morning makes my entire day when I listen to your voice.
  6. I am not thankful to anything but for having you in my life.
  7. My life means nothing if there’s no “you”.
  8. I can never stay mad at you, your love is incompetent.
  9. I love it when you try to make me a better person.
  10. Can’t wait to see you.

Comments for Girls to impress them

  1. Your smile made my day.
  2. Did you borrow that smile from your mother?
  3. How can one look so cute?.
  4. Why is your eyes so attracting?
  5. This color of dress suits you. You should try this this color.
  6. Wish i was the photographer of the pic!!
  7. Your nose looks too cute.
  8. It looks as if the picture would speak up.
  9. Are you your own hairstylist.
  10. You look gorgeous, beautiful, angel ( cliche ! ).
  11. I liked the way you dressed up.
  12. Your hairstyle is perfect.
  13. You are the eye candy of a camera.
  14. Now I can die in peace.
  15. Nothing can be compared to this beauty!
  16. That smile will kill anyone.
  17. You are under arrest because beauty is not allowed here.


Around 100 Best Comments for Girls are listed above. Choose the comment wisely according to the picture which you see on Instagram. Again I would recommend being true while commenting on someone’s picture. Don’t comment on negative thoughts. Always try to appreciate her in picture. That would work and she can be your friend for your unique compliments on her pictures.

If you have your own compliments, do let others know in comment section.






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