Top 10 Best Anilinkz Alternatives to Watch Anime for Free

AnilinkZ is a simplistic yet robust site where you will get to watch all your favorite Anime shows for free of cost. After it’s initial launch, the site has exploded in terms of popularity since it allowed any user to watch their desired anime regardless of their location for free. The quality of anime subs on was quite impressive as well. Overall, it was a win-win for both the users and the people who used to run the site.

However, it wasn’t long enough for the AnilinkZ website to fall down from its rank. As of now, the site is somewhat flooded with annoying advertisements that interrupt your watching experience. Therefore, many users have stopped using the site and have started looking for best AnilinkZ alternative sites.

What Happened To Anilinkz?

Well, the site is still running perfectly fine, however, the lack of care from the site owners has resulted in awful performance. Also, poor management and forceful advertisements are the major reasons for its downfall. In today’s date, there are better alternative sites are available where you can watch both subbed and dubbed version of your favorite anime.

We’ve looked up the internet and gathered a few alternative sites that are worth mentioning.

Best AnilinkZ Alternative Sites

Here are the best alternatives-

  1. AnimeFreak.TV
  2. GoGoAnime
  3. Chia-Anime
  4. Anime-Planet
  5. GoGoAnimes TV
  6. Anime Lab
  7. Anime Take
  8. 9Anime
  9. Anime Simple
  10. KissAnime




If you’re looking for a site where you don’t need to waste your time in Registration and stuff, then AnimeFreak is probably your best choice. The site is literally filled with all the latest and popular Anime shows that you can watch in full HD format for free of cost.

AnimeFreak Tv website is a well organized and maintained the site, it works quite flawlessly on smartphone browsers as well without any issues. Go ahead and give it a try if you want to catch up with the latest Anime.

GoGo Anime



GoGo Anime is another well-known site for watching all the latest Japanese Anime shows for free on any device. You will find tons of Anime shows in pretty much every genre such as Ecchi, Comedy, Supernatural, Magical, Action, Thriller, etc.

It has probably the largest database of Anime shows, you’ll never run out of options to watch. Once you start watching an Anime, the site would automatically suggest you similar shows to keep you hooked. It’s a very good place to stay up to date with your favorite Anime shows.




Chia-Anime is relatively a less popular site in the industry, however, it is fairly a well-managed site with multiple servers to choose to watch Anime online. You can also download your favorite Anime shows directly from the site and save it on your local drive to watch later.

The site does not require your card details or any kind of Registration, you just need to open up their site and select a Title to start watching it instantly. You can also filter the shows by using the “advanced search” feature available on the Chia-Anime site.

Anime Planet



As the name suggests, it’s a place meant for hardcore anime fans. Anime-Planet is one of the highly ranked websites where users (regardless of their place) can watch Japanese Anime shows absolutely for free of cost.

It’s a complete package for anime lovers, you will be able to find the Reviews, Manga, Source Material, and other trivial information for pretty much every show. Anime Planet is an ideal option if you’re a die-hard fan of Manga and anime adaptations.

GoGo Animes Tv



Well, you may think of this site as a clown or replica of GoGo Anime. It is, indeed, a replica of the original in one way or the other. From an Anime watch perspective, the site is fairly impressive with all the Anime Titles placed in a neat manner. You would find tons of On-going shows on the homepage itself.

You’re just a click away from your favorite anime on GoGo Animes Tv website. Apart from that, you will also find Anime Movies here, rather than just anime Tv Shows, unlike other sites. It’s worth checking out!

Anime Lab



It may disappoint you, but as of now, Anime Lab is exclusively available for Australia and New Zealand users only. Talking about the quality of the site, it has a premium feel to it and lives up to its name by providing super-fast servers to watch and download Anime such as naruto episodes online for free.

In case, if you’re from a different place, then make sure to drop your email on the site to receive a notification whenever it’s available for your region. Anime Lab enables its user to watch any Anime show in its native resolution, unlike other sites.

Anime Take



Anime Take is considerably a worthy name in the relative industry. The site of Anime Take may look a bit boring, however, you could find a lot of good titles here to watch if you dig deeper. A major plus point of the site is the time it takes to upload all the recently broadcasted episodes of Anime Tv shows.

If you’re seriously concerned with the experience, then Anime Take could be your fit since it does not interrupt you with adverts when you’re watching something. Therefore, we find Anime Take to be an ideal option for light users.




9Anime is probably the largest network for Japanese Anime Tv shows and Movies as well. The official 9Anime site is filled with Anime shows to binge-watch whenever you want for free of cost. There are a total of 5 different servers available on the site to watch and download your favorite Anime shows on any device without any restrictions.

Anime Simple



The name itself says it all, this is a site that makes watching anime simple for users all over the world. You don’t need to Sign up or Go through time-wasting surveys to watch your favorite Anime shows. Just Open up the Anime Simple website, search for your Anime Show and select the resolution to start watching it online.

Go ahead and check it out yourself, you won’t be disappointed at all. The site will also recommend you relevant shows based on your watching behavior.

Kiss Anime



Kiss Anime is legendary site where you will find pretty much every Anime show of Japan. The site comes with real-debrid server support that gives you the maximum downloading speed on any device without any limitations. The site will also keep track of your watching I,e the number of episodes you’ve watched or completed.

You will also find a relatively large community to share or discover new Anime shows to watch. Kiss Anime is basically your Go-to site for watching the latest Anime shows for free.

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That’s pretty much all we’ve got for this article, In case, if you’re wondering, AnilinkZ website is still functioning, however, the lack of features and impulsive advertisements make it a bad option for Anime fans. So, it’s better to look up for alternatives since there are many available on the internet.

All the Alternatives Sites mentioned in this article can be used for free without any restrictions. Make sure to check them out and let us know your favorite site in the comment section below.

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