What is Akamai NetSession Client? Should I remove it?

Sometimes when we install any program in our windows PC, in the same time any other program also gets installed with that program which is also a part of that software. It happens only if you allow permission to install external programs while installing that software. Akamai NetSession Client is what we are going to talk about.

I have seen people asking – is it a virus? Should I remove? Is it safe to remove? All doubts will be clear about it in this article.

What is Akamai NetSession Client?


It is an external program which gets installed in our system while installing any application. Or your PC asks to grant permission to it to communicate with public/Private Networks. It is software which accelerate download speed and delivers content from other user’s end in form of peer to peer networking.

When user asks to download large files, then it ask users to install Akamain NetSession Clients on his PC

Many software companies use Akamai Netsession Interface to deliver documents, PDFs and media files directly to your PC. Process to deliver these kind of stuff become fast for those who use it. These companies don’t install it until you give them permission to install.

Even your BIOS may also provide you Akamai NetSession.

All I can say that It is useful in many terms

  • Faster Download Experience
  • Secure and Reliable Downloading
  • Downloads larger files faster
  • Supports HTTPS and SSL Security

Is it malware? Should I remove it?

Of course it is not that thing you are thinking. I have already cleared your doubt above. It is not malware or spyware. If Somehow you have installed it in your System, then your Windows Antinvirus or firewall may warn that It is Spyware/Malware, remove it ASAP.

But You don’t have to worry. It is installed after you gave permission. You can uninstall it any time from the Control Panel. Sometime your Windows Firewall gives you falls information about it and it doesn’t mean you’re facing any security vulnerability. It has nothing to do with even your Private Data. It is completely safe. Remove it whenever you wish to.

If you are thinking to remove it, then let me clear that removing it from your computer, may slow down downloading speed for certain companies. It could also make few programs stopped working. Many big and famous companies (NASA, 99Tests, 5Miles,and  Adobe) use it to improve service and user experience.

Where does it exist on my computer?

If you are curious to know where can one see this program in his computer, then you can find in “Services”. Just type Services in the search box, you can find there. Or you can check its service thread in control panel also. Akamai NetSession Client runs as service on your computer.

Remove Akamai NetSession Client

If you have decided to remove it, make sure to check which other applications are using this. You can get this information from control panel then Akamai NetSession Client.

To stop this, Go to Services and navigate to Akamai Netsession then simply stop it. Stopping this service will last until you restart your computer again. So this is temporary solution.

For for permanent uninstall, you can do it from Control Panel>Uninstall>Akamai Netsession then hit uninstall.


Hope you understood what Akamai Netsession Client is exactly. Hope all of your doubts has been cleared. If you still have any other question excepting above, let us know in comment box. We will try to answer it ASAP.

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