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How To Activate Showtime Anytime? Showtime is a standalone premium streaming service that grants instant access to Movies, Tv shows, Sports, Comedy episodes, etc. Showtime Anytime is basically an extension of the base Showtime which lets you stream content over the internet for free. It’s an app that can be installed on multiple platforms to watch Movies or Tv shows without any additional charges.

Showtime Anytime/Activate comes as a part of your subscription package, it does not require any additional set up or subscription to use. However, the app needs to be activated before you get to use it for watching movies or Tv shows. The entire process of activating Showtime Anytime could prove to be difficult if you are unaware of these sorts of things.

Well, today in this article, we’ve decided to help out our readers by sharing a step by step guide on how to activate showtime anytime. Make sure you go through the requirements section properly before diving into the process of activating Showtime Anytime.

Requirements to Activate Showtime Anytime

There are no specific requirements to activate Showtime Anytime on any of your devices. However, we’ve listed things below that are required in order to use Showtime for streaming content over the internet. Make sure you have the following requirements before proceeding into the process.

  • Firstly, you will need to have an active account registered with Showtime in order to make the Showtime anytime/activate active on your device.
  • An active subscription of Showtime is required to watch the content over the internet.
  • Also, the Cable Tv service you’re currently using must be listed under the Showtime program to watch the content.

You will have to select your Cable Tv service provider from the list while Registering your account with Showtime. In case you don’t see your Cable Tv or Satellite Tv service provider on the list, then you won’t be able to create or watch the content. Also, make sure you have the browser apps installed on your devices to visit website.

Showtime Anytime App Activation

In order to activate Showtime Anytime on your Android and iOS devices, you need to download and install the app from the respective App Stores on your device. After the successful installation of Showtime Anytime App, you may perform the following steps to activate your account.

  • Download and Install the Showtime Anytime App from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Sign in to your Showtime account by entering username and password in the App.
  • Select any movie or Tv show title that you would like to stream over the internet.
  • Choose your Cable Tv or Satellite Tv service provider on the next step.
  • You will receive nm activation code on the next screen in the Showtime Anytime app.
  • Note down the activation code properly and Open up your Browser.
  • Head over to the official site of Showtime Anytime and Login into your account there.
  • Once the login process is completed, you will receive a success message on your screen.

Your Showtime Anytime account would be activated on your Android or iOS device once you see the success message on Showtimeanytime/activate website. Now, you may go back to your Showtime Anytime App on your smartphone to watch the select content without any issues. You need to perform this process only once in order to activate Showtime Anytime.

How to Activate Showtime Anytime On Your TV

You may follow the below-mentioned guide to activate the Showtime Anytime service on your Apple Tv as well as on Android Tv or Smart Tv box to watch your favorite movies or Tv shows. Once the service is activated, you will be able to watch the content without any limitations on your Tv.

  • Turn your Android Tv or Apple Tv and move to the Showtime Anytime Channel.
  • Browse through the list of available programs, select any Title to watch on your Tv.
  • Select your streaming service provider from the given link to proceed further.
  • Write down the Activate Code carefully that appears on the next screen.
  • Login into your Showtime account by entering your account credentials there.
  • Now visit the official website of Showtime Anytime on showtime
  • Enter your account details on the website to login into your account.
  • You will instantly see a success message appearing your screen which indicates that the Showtime Anytime service has been activated.

In case if you don’t see the success message on the website, then it means the service cannot be activated. To avoid facing such issues, make sure your subscription with Showtime is active and working. Also, If you don’t find your streaming service provider on the list, then you can’t activate this service.

How To Unblock

Unfortunately, Showtime Anytime service is accessible for streaming only in the United States region. You won’t be able to access its service or login on the website if you’re from a different region or country. As of now, the Showtime service is yet to be expanded globally for users to watch and stream the content over the internet.

So in order to overcome this restriction, you will need to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection of the United States. You may use any VPN app service to spoof your IP or location to the US region to watch the content of Showtime Anytime. Make sure the VPN server or service you’re using is reliable and has no internet bandwidth limitations for streaming the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Showtime Anytime and Showtime now?

Showtime Anytime is an additional app that provides an extended range of content such as Movies, Tv shows, Sports, etc through its participating Cable Tv or Satellite Tv providers. Both of them will give you instant access to commercial-free Movies and Tv shows to put it in simple.

Does Showtime anytime cost money?

No, it does not! It is offered to you as a part of your Showtime Subscription package.

Can I activate showtime anytime on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, you can by installing the Showtime Anytime Apk on your Firestick. Make sure to enable the “Unknown Sources” from Settings to install the Apk files on your Firestick device.

Final Words

There are a few other eligible platforms where you can activate your service for watching movies and Tv shows for free. You might have to check out with Showtime official website to know the list of all supported platforms. In case of any doubts or queries, you may reach out to us via the comment section below







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