It is always pleasure for me to introduce about myself. I would love talk about this blog and what about it is?

So lets get started!

TrickyFi is a Tech blog where we explore things about tech stuffs (mostly problem solving tutorials, How to, Android, Windows, etc). We do try to solve problems with pictures and step by step. So It could be easier to understand for my readers.

We cover almost all the tech related stuffs like Best Apps, Windows or Mac Software, How to, Tutorials related to fixing the problems, installing or using anything. Everything is categorized and you can find any post according to.

If you are a Techie, and would love to explore the new things, tips and tricks, How to, then Trickyfi.com is the best blog to learn and gain worthy knowledge.

Thanks for knowing about us. We will add more about us soon, till then have great days ahead.